Baked Clams Casino - Recipe

The Best Baked Clams Casino

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LBI Fresh clams three ways? Yes please! Here we have baked clams, clams casino and ...

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Clams Casino. Cherrystone clams baked in a clam juice and bacon infused butter topped with bacon fat toasted panko crumbs, with a salad consisting of grilled zucchini, capers, kalamata olives, feta cheese, dill and a house vinaigrette.

Clams Casino. Cherrystone clams baked in a clam juice and bacon infused butter topped with bacon fat toasted panko crumbs, with a salad consisting of grilled zucchini, capers, kalamata olives, feta cheese, dill and a house vinaigrette. submitted by Outlandish_Behavior to food [link] [comments]

Album Of The Year #15: Joji - Nectar

Artist: Joji
Album: Nectar
Label: 88Rising
Release Date: September 25, 2020
Apple Music
YouTube Music
Not many artists have had a come-up as interesting and eccentric as George Kusunoki Miller, a former YouTube comedian/edgelord turned moody R&B singer. George first got his taste of internet fame as FilthyFrank, a character he described as everything a person should not be, he played the notorious persona on YouTube for over 6 years and eventually had to retire it due to him losing passion for it and suffering from stress induced seizures, which playing the character often caused.
Throughout his time as FilthyFrank however he began experimenting with music, mostly of the satirical kind at the start, his first tracks were under the FilthyFrank persona, the first one being Who's The Sucker, a dumb track where he somehow manages to rhyme "nicer" with "vagina", go figure.
A few years later, alongside the satirical rap, Joji began to make what he would consider as serious music, and this is where the timeline gets a bit messy, as he put out multiple tracks under multiple different aliases and the lines got blurred pretty fast, so I won't focus on aliases too much, but rather on the music he put out, around this era he released the therapeutical Medicine, the slow and melancholy We Fall Again, and Dumplings, which was Joji's best attempt at a trap banger.
In 2015, he birthed the Joji alias, released two singles on Soundcloud under that name, and announced a project called Chloe Burbank Vol. 1, the project was later scrapped and is probably sitting on Joji's hard drive, unfinished, however, the two singles he put out, thom and you suck charlie, were the tracks that put him in the spotlight, not to mention that to this day, there are some of his fans that believe these 2 tracks are his best and will not be topped, but that's a discussion for another day.
Following the overwhelmingly positive reception, Joji began to put out more tracks and singles, both under the aforementioned alias and Pink Guy, which was a character that blossomed into a satirical rap project, but I won't be covering that too much, and will focus on what he did as Joji instead, most tracks Joji put out were met with positive reception, some of the tracks, such as worldstar money, ended up on his debut EP as well.
Sometime around early 2016, Joji ended up signing with 88rising, a label focused on building the bridge between east and west, he explained in an interview that he was initially a consultant for the duo behind the record label, however, once the duo noticed his music and how well it was received, they asked him to jump on board and he instantly took the chance, getting signed alongside the likes of Rich Brian and Higher Brothers.
The label immediately undertook Joji and began distributing his catalog on their YouTube channel and helped him release more music, which was a couple of singles in the earlier half of 2017, and his debut EP in the latter half, the EP, known as "In Tongues", was met with mixed reception from fans and critics alike, with some describing it as his most concise body of work so far that is oozing potential, and others describing it as a bleak project that fails to set Joji apart from the sea of artists on the same wavelength as himself.
Following the release of the EP, Joji began working on his debut album, known as BALLADS 1, the album's first single, YEAH RIGHT, was released on the 8th of May, the track was first believed to be a standalone loosie as it was released 5 months before the album itself, however it ended up being on the album and was confirmed as the one of the singles alongside SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK, CAN'T GET OVER YOU, which features a production credit from non other than Clams Casino, and TEST DRIVE.
The album was well received, and was praised for containing a wider variety of sounds than its predecessor, it felt like a natural progression for Joji's sound and was a step forward towards a more mainstream approach whilst not sacrificing any of the rawness that Joji's older stuff had, which seemed to be what most fans were expecting from him.
Moving forward Joji stayed mostly silent throughout 2019, appearing on the second 88Rising collaboration album, which was negatively received due to it's lack of creativity and sub-par performances from most label signees, he also appeared on Rich Brian's sophomore album, The Sailor, and released which is now known to be as the first single from Nectar, Sanctuary, a synth based poppy track that previewed a vocally improved and more confident version of Joji.
What was assumed to be a loosie turned out to be the beginning of an album rollout, as half a year later Joji released Run, setting a new standard for himself both instrumentally and vocally, and a couple of months later he released Gimme Love, a double sided track with a fun, catchy beginning and a melancholy ballad driven ending, the last single, Daylight, was released on the 8th of August, the instrumental was produced by Diplo and the track itself sounded like Joji's attempt to break into the mainstream.
Without warning, he also released two tracks that he classified as "NOT SONG", the first being Pretty Boy, which actually ended up on the album with a Lil Yachty feature, and the second being FTC, which sadly did not end up on the album, both tracks had videos and it seemed to me at first that the purpose of both tracks was to serve the lore that Joji has built around the album, which I will be touching up on in this write-up.
A day before the album's release, he put out Gimme Cum, an enigmatic track with a mysterious message.
Nectar itself was pushed back from it's original July release date due to the pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests, the album however was released on the 25th of September.
Album Lore
If there's one thing George is no stranger to, it would definitely be worldbuilding, as he has proven time and time again that he has a knack for it, especially with his FilthyFrank YouTube channel, where he managed to create characters, locations, and an entire universe out of a few satirical characters, his lore was adored by many and even though visually he never wrapped up the story he did release a book that served as closure for the FilthyFrank lore.
This album's lore is not as straight forward however, and there are multiple theories doing the rounds on the internet, personally I will go by what sounded most convincing to me in terms of timeline and storyline, however do feel free to expand on what I've said or correct me, George has left multiple things left open to interpretation therefore I would not be surprised if there were multiple different meanings to the same thing.
Our story begins in the music video for Gimme Love, where we see a young Joji who appears to be a small time engineer that is eager to climb through the ranks of the company he is working for, as he rises however he appears to become more stressed out and agitated at all times, lashing out at his coworkers and breaking down consistently, throughout the music video we can see that the more he progresses, the more roadblocks he runs into, which causes his behavior to become more psychotic and manic, as the shots move forward we see him accept awards, lead his very own research team, run failed experiments on his coworkers that causes them to bleed, and eventually receive military covert status, which did not come without sacrifices, as we see him smile less and less throughout the video.
In the second half of the video, we see Joji steal the rocket he helped build by locking out his crew members, and launch himself into space, disappointing everyone he worked with and stabbing them in the back he appears to be quite happy however, eventually his mood flips as he is faced with two choices, engage or eject, the following shot does not allow us to see which one he picked as we are facing his back, all we see is Joji making the choice and gearing up for what's to come.
The lines get blurred around this spot and many people have different theories as to which video is the right one chronologically, personally I believe Daylight comes next, and my theory is Joji is having some sort of fever dream featuring his previous coworkers, most notably the older people who went through layers of plastic surgery, who appear in the music video for FTC, where they are seen wearing badges that features the same organization Joji worked for, throughout the video they are seen rummaging through the wreckage caused by Joji, clearly looking for something specific, which ends up being the award Joji won.
Back to Daylight, Joji appears to be some sort of intern working for the director and the actors, towards the end of the music video we can see Joji waking up from the aforementioned fever dream, clearly in a daze, as the shot widens we see that he is alone, in a barren wasteland, with nothing around him except for a tent and what appears to be a device used for communication, he plants a few seeds in the soil and sits by the device, hoping for a sign of life.
Next comes Run, where we are once again met with Joji having a nightmare, the entire video symbolizes being trapped in a place you don't want to be in, as Joji appears to be in a never ending limousine with people he has no interest in whatsoever, towards the end of the nightmare we actually see Joji running across a massive wasteland, the same wasteland we saw him in at the end of the Daylight music video, throughout the video, we see Joji become consumed by the soil itself, which I would assume is a representation of his fears back then, seeing as he was alone and had little to no hope of being saved whatsoever.
Joji wakes up from this nightmare and appears to be in some kind of spaceship, if the videos were released chronologically, we would be completely lost at this point, lucky for us, we already know what the spaceship is, as we see a picture of the Sanctuary crew in the final shots of the Run music video, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that the crew is the ones that saved him from death and picked him up from the mess that he placed himself in, hence the name Sanctuary, which means refuge or safety from pursuit, persecution, or other danger
The crew itself is seen in action in the music video for Sanctuary, where Joji appears to be fighting and defeating some sort of one-eyed alien supervillain at the start, however, once he is defeated, both Joji and the crew themselves become aimless, as they are living monotonously without a goal, thankfully(???), one of the crew members sees this and decides to take matters into his own hands, by surgically removing his own eye, which portrays his transformation into the new supervillain, and following this up by killing a crewmember and escaping on his own, once again giving the spaceship it's own purpose.
Unfortunately the music videos that were put out after the release of the album appear to be too subtle for me to think they are connected in any way, shape or form, there are many theories of course but I can't help but feel like that most of them are a reach.
The most plausible explanation for this lore that I can think of is that the whole escaping from earth on his own, landing in a barren wasteland, trying to plant seeds in it, and eventually being picked up by a group(88Rising, wink wink) is a metaphor for his transition from FilthyFrank to Joji, the barren wasteland stands for how hopeless he felt at the time and the seeds symbolize the loosies he was slowly dropping before ditching his channel to become an R&B superstar, which if true, solidifies the idea that George was done with FilthyFrank long before he actually left the channel itself.
Regardless, I thought the lore was very enjoyable and it was nice to see Joji back in one of his elements at least, most fans would have been disappointed in me if I had not touched up on it a bit seeing as it was a huge part of the albums release and they are intertwined in some sort of way.
When it's lovely I believe in anything What does love mean When the end is rolling in
  • Ew
It is important for me to preface this review with the fact that this Joji album is not like anything we've ever heard from him before, this is not the one man army, garageband using, sample meshing Joji that we knew in the past, this is Joji with an entire team behind his artistic vision, a whole group of people working with him to help him push his sound to the next level, and unfortunately, while the quality of the music has clearly went up, when so many people have their own input on something eventually the lines get blurred and the album loses its artistic direction and cohesion, which is one of my only complaints with this album, and I'm glad I got it out of the way first.
Artistic direction and cohesion aside, this album contains some of Joji's highest highs to date, especially the singles, that's not to say that there aren't some deep cuts on here that shine as well, but once you listen to the album in it's entirety you quickly understand why the singles were chosen as singles, especially when you consider how sonically different they are from the non-singles.
Sanctuary, the album's first single, is a sweet, poppy and synthy track that features a high pitched and melodic Joji, some of the track's lyrics are somewhat abstract but they are quite visually descriptive and that's always a plus in my book, the instrumental itself is quite spacey and has a nice retro vibe to it, already a huge step forward from what we've already heard from George, the track's climax reaches towards the end and gives us a beautiful bridge,with Joji crooning about wanting to be held by a significant other.
I fell for your magic, I tasted your skin And though this is tragic, at least I found the end I witnessed your madness, you shed light on my sins And if we share in this sadness, then where have you been?
  • Run
Run is one of the more cinematic cuts on this album, the track is truly a double edged sword because although it's one of Joji's best, it has set an extremely high standard for both Joji and the album, leaving fans such as myself worried about whether or not he will ever reach a similar high, the production is clean, Joji's vocal lines are as dynamic as ever, the guitar melody is infectious, the lyrics are better than anything Joji has ever written and he is putting his heart and soul into every word, the electric guitar solo at the end is also something worth mentioning, which sits perfectly right in front of Joji's distant and wide vocals, ending the track on a strong note.
Look into your heart and let me know Do things turn black and gray as they go? When I'm far too gone, can you show me love? Give me love
  • Gimme Love
The lyrics above come from the album's third single, a 2 sided track that starts as a bouncy, percussive, fast paced, and catchy song, with Joji chanting and pleading to be given love, softly singing about being surrounded by apathetic people, after the second chorus the entire song comes to a halt in order to make room for a mellow guitar and Joji's harmonies, which are absolutely stunning if I may add, the track, much like many other tracks on here, ends on a cinematic strong note with a string section and a grandiose piano.
The final single, Daylight, is no doubt unexplored territory for Joji, the instrumental, which was produced by Diplo, starts off slow and minimalistic, with a simple yet groovy bassline, and reaches its apex on the chorus, when it suddenly becomes extremely lush, heavy, and thick, the track is most definitely a solid attempt at modern day and mainstream pop music, clearly made with the intention of receiving radio play.
All of the singles show up in the first leg of the album, which is absolutely phenomenal, the opener track, Ew, starts off light and easy, with a somber and distant arpeggiated piano backed with Joji's soft vocals, who's singing about heartbreak and the loss of many relationships, sounding as bitter as ever lyrically, the chorus includes a grand string section and a chord progression that is fully panned to the right and sitting all the way behind the mix, and surprise surprise, the track itself ends on a cinematic strong note, much like many of the other tracks on here.
I've got no aim, a million rounds, is nothing real? A hundred pounds of heavy steel, it feels so loud Tied to my chest, it feels so loud I'll take a peek to across the peaks This grass is neat and I'm quite unique But I'd like to be, but I'd like to be
Up next comes MODUS, a moody track that has an intro similar to the opener track but later on has Joji melodic rapping to a murky trap instrumental, with Joji of course sounding better than ever, lyrically speaking, many of the themes on this album are similar, Joji is mostly singing about relationships, heartbreak, and the need for a significant other, the lyrics themselves give the album a nocturnal, bitter, hopeless vibe, which is what we've come to expect from Joji's music nowadays.
The third track, Tick Tock, is a plucky banger of an instrumental that has Joji rapping over it with pitched up vocals on the chorus which is something that's a little bit reminiscent of his older, more amateur work, the vocal layering on the verse is also something worth mentioning, really showcases Joji's dynamic range and how much he improved as a whole, the track is nothing groundbreaking in terms of what we've heard so far and remains lowkey for the most part but is without a doubt one of my favorites on this project.
On Nectar, one of the yet-to-be-announced tracks was produced when the artist was only sixteen years old. “I’m excited to see if it sticks out or not to the listeners.” he reveals.
  • Joji Interview with Schön! Magazine.
While not officially announced by Joji himself, it is safe to say that Upgrade is the aforementioned track, a small interlude that seats itself in the earlier part of the album, the track starts with a grandiose piano, which is quite unnecessary if you ask me, because once we have it out of the way all we get is a very obviously barebones instrumental made from a different time, the telltale sign being non other than the ukulele that we have seen in George's earlier work.
It upsets me that Joji has not made this fact much more known because this track has been consistently the subject of criticism by critics and fans alike, but at the same time I understand, because at the end of the day George left that track in there for the die hard fans, not the critics.
Up until this point there is no doubt that Joji has played it safe, sure the album is much more grand and cinematic than its predecessor, but there's no denying that the signature sound is still there, we still get the hazy and moody slow bangers, if Nectar was only the first half then Joji might have had a strong album in his catalog, maybe even a classic, but I understand him wanting to expand and experiment with other sounds in order to grow as an artist.
The midsection gets a little bit tricky, as Joji begins to get out of his comfort zone and the album features start appearing, to me it sounds like Joji did not know how he could keep the listener interested in the second half of this album and decided to opt in for a bunch of features as a quick fix, some work out fine, some better than others.
Handsome young man, never pull up on time Lookin' in the mirror, lookin' good should be a crime, crime All this pain I'll never let show (No) My real thoughts, you'll never know (No)
  • Lil Yachty on Pretty Boy
I never really listened to Lil Yachty that much aside from the obvious hits he had over the course of his career, but he clearly shined on this track as the feature, for starters, the track is very light-hearted, definitely one of the more lofi tracks on this album, the highlight for me without a doubt is the bridge, which sounds like something straight out of Pink Season, George was clearly having genuine fun with it, some even speculate that most of the bridge was made using samples from his earlier work as Pink Guy.
High Hopes, which features Omar Apollo, is one of the more lowkey cuts in here as well, the percussion on the instrumental and the detuned guitar on here remind me of some of Joji's stuff from BALLADS 1, unfortunately however the track doesn't stand out much, at least not as much as Afterthought with BENEE, another track where Joji's melodies and vocals shine through once again, and BENEE's feature definitely adds some character to the track, at least enough to the point where the feature made some sense
On Normal People, Joji recruits childhood friend rei brown, in an attempt to capture lightning again after their first collaboration, Once In A While. Unfortunately lightning didn't strike twice here for me and the track felt quite lackluster and uninteresting, especially for such an anticipated track and when compared to their first song, many of the tracks and collaborations on the second part of the album really felt like Joji just trying to recapture the magic of his earlier work, and while some of those attempts did work at the end of the day it does feel like a cheap cop out.
Oh, understand, girl, I'm out of sight To the other side, I don't want no stripes Got my insides loud like motorcycles Girl, don't notice it, I don't notice it
Another example of Joji attempting to recapture magic is NITROUS, which marks Joji's second time collaborating with Clams Casino, the track is very reminiscent of their first track together, both Joji and Clams Casino however killed it, the track's instrumental is very murky and nocturnal, much alike most of the album, but that doesn't stop Joji's delivery, which is very fun-loving and upbeat.
By the way you move, I know you want me to Tell you all the rules, I know I'm searching too Give me all your clues and things to guide me through The end of the world, the end of the world
  • Mr. Hollywood
Produced by the one and only Kenneth Instrumentals, Mr. Hollywood is one of the more heartfelt and personal tracks on this album, Joji is singing about his evergrowing popularity and how it will never affect what is important for him, which in this case is the girl he's singing about, like many other tracks on this album, you will often hear something that will remind you of Joji's older work, in this case it is the ad-libs on the chorus, which are very reminiscent of his ad-libs on BESIDJU, regardless the song has at least a bit of substance which makes it one of the more commendable tracks.
The final run of this album is where Joji flips the script here, there are a few tracks that have questionable artistic decisions, such as Reanimator, with non other than Yves Tumor, the track serves as an instrumental interlude before the final two tracks, however with a feature such as Yves Tumor I honestly expected much more than what we got, and what we got is basically a 3 minute track, with the first minute and a half being nothing than a drone-y, synthy instrumental, and the second half being quite a lackluster performance by Joji and his guest, much like some of the other tracks on the album, it seems like it received a similar treatment, where the track was initially unfinished and still half-baked, and rather than attempting to finish the track they opted for an easy way out, which in this case was making more than half of the track an instrumental and then calling it an interlude just to be safe.
"that weeknd synthpop track sure is doing huge numbers, maybe i should also make a synthpop track as well"
  • Joji, probably.
I would be down to argue that if Blinding Lights by The Weeknd had not existed, 777 wouldn't have existed either, Joji's constant attempts at breaking into the mainstream and commercializing his sound have always left a bad taste in my mouth as it felt like it came from a place where authenticity is lacking, nevertheless I find it bizarre to make a track that is very similar to one of the most successful tracks of the year and not attempt to push it at all, that's not to say that 777 on it's own is not a good track, however there's no denying that the sound selection on the instrumental, some of the flows, and the chorus itself hold blaring similarities to The Weeknd's track, I understand why he would make such a track however and find it admirable at the very least.
Thankfully, the album ends on a strong note, the final two tracks are both beautiful even though they're worlds apart, Like You Do, is a quintessential love ballad from Joji, a stripped down instrumental with beautiful piano chords and a laid back vibe, Joji is singing about his current partner and how what they have might not work out, even though he feels like they're perfect for one another, the closing track, Your Man is a massive change in tempo, with an upbeat, electronic, deep house-esque instrumental, we hear a Joji that is optimistic, which is a nice change of pace, especially considering how bitter most of his albums and projects have been up to date.
Since I met you All the gloomy days just seem to shine a little more brightly Consider what we've got 'Cause I can never take you for granted
  • Like You Do
There's no denying that some tracks on here sound like a bastardized version of Joji's signature sound. Joji is trying his best to commercialize his sound without sacrificing the rawer elements of it, which unfortunately results in a jumble of sounds. This album is not free of criticisms as there are many issues in here that need to be worked on, it's much less cohesive than its predecessor and at times sounds like a bunch of rough ideas put together in order to create the world's most average musical equivalent of a photo collage, but if we were to just set all of that aside and just look at this album for what it is, then there's definitely something in here for everyone. George might have not made a classic, and he certainly hasn't found his sound yet, but this album is an indicator that he's on to something, and once again I am already anxious to hear what he has in store next.
Talking Points
  • What did you think of this album? Is it a good follow-up to BALLADS 1?
  • Do you think Joji works better alone or when he has a team behind him?
  • Do you think Joji will yet again set another high standard for himself next project?
  • What are your predictions for Joji's sound in the future?
  • Now that he's more keen on having features, who do you think would compliment Joji's sound the most?
  • Favorite tracks?
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What's Happening in CT 11/21 - 11/24

Friday, November 22nd, 2020:

Saturday, November 23rd, 2020

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How Asap Yams created Asap Rocky from scratch

An interview with Nicolas Pellion aka Pure Baking Soda, most likely to be the best french-speaking rap storyteller and part of this story that went everywhere on the web: the quite spontaneous boom of young harlemite A$AP Rocky, his machiavellian manager and a series of dirty tricks. Kind of an insight amongst cannibal piranhas and food for thought regarding the illusion of Internet as a development tool for music artists.
First time you hear about A$AP Rocky ?
First time I hear a song from A$AP Rocky, I believe it was January, 2011, Been Around The World. To be honest, I don’t remember what I thought about it back then at all. Today I think it’s a good tune but at that time I didn’t especially dig it. It came to me as a guy named Eastsidestevie had posted it on his blog Realniggatumblr.
Loading video That Tumblr is a true monument of Internet-Rap history. This guy used to scan his old Rap magazines, like XXL and more, brightening it up with stories you couldn’t read anywhere else. This concept was already really dope, but in addition to that, he had a great taste, made no compromise and had a strong sense of humor… It was thrilling, funny, harsh… Now the blog has been deleted and I hope that someone comes out someday saying he printed it all, as I believe it’s one of the best rap blog ever, if not THE best.
4 months later, between some Max B & Cam’Ron’s stories, some rare Prodigy’s freestyles and vintage footages of Puff Daddy, EastSideStevie brings out a new A$AP Rocky joint: Purple Swag. It sounds like an MP3 rip, the song being uploaded on YouTube, with the guy’s picture as scenery.
Today everyone knows it… But at that time, hearing this out of nowhere, I was kind of stucked. Maybe it’d be good to re-establish the context: right now, in 2013, 90% of weak rappers with a lack of personality look after those stuff and try to do that kind of music. Yet back then it wasn’t « cool » again to rap as they do in Houston… and Houston was honestly kind of lifeless. People hadn’t heard neither of Lex Luger yet, nor those stuff that were going to be everywhere for the next 2 years, so running into Purple Swag was like being 2 years in the future of rap music… even though this track could totally be an unreleased from 2005 or 2006…
So it motivated me to dig into A$AP Rocky… I see he has nothing on datpiff, nothing on livemixtapes, in short he’s a no name. So I look into the hidden depths of the Internet… I eventually find some verses of him here and there and even a video. I rip the whole thing and make a little compilation out of it. For the record, I didn’t know how to rip audio from YouTube… and the one who helped me is « a_nos_mousse »… who’d be known as Soufien 3000 a few weeks later…
I ended up making a cover with Paint, uploading the compilation on the Internet and putting it on my blog.
So when is this compilation getting out of control ?
Once I put it online, the compilation spreads a bit… But it gets wider when Andrew Noz posts it on his Tumblr. He actually had run into Purple Swag on YouTube too, did the same thing I did, except he came across my compilation. At that time, it’s not that it gets « out of control » – as it doesn’t spread that much yet – something like 3 or 4 000 downloads, maybe less… But we’re now 2 or 3 talking about A$AP Rocky on the web, including Noz, a journalist who’s writing kind of everywhere… Enough to bring the attention of the artist himself, who probably begins to wonder « Damn, nobody knows me, I haven’t officially released anything yet but they’re talking about me on the web »… And that’s when EastSideStevie, with whom I had chatted sometimes in the past – sends me an email « to clarify the whole story around ASAP » he says.
What is it saying ? Are you the only one he talks about it with?
In this moment yeah, I believe I’m the only one he talks about it with. Roughly, he starts by telling me that Rocky is really touched by this compilation coming out of nowhere, punctuating every sentence like « no homo ». Even though there are some tracks he hates and he’d rather forget, like the one with Seth Narley. Then he tells me A$AP is a crew, him and Rocky kind of driving the whole thing. I remember he compared the both of ’em with Jim Jones & Cam’Ron in order to make me get it right.
Then, still in that same email, April, 2011, he tells me Rocky’s currently working on his album. That he’s been signed (a management deal I guess) on the company which manages Big KRIT and which is also in charge of Curren$y’s booking. He goes on saying they hope to drop the mixtape by summer, coming along with many videos, and that so far the project is being produced by The Olympicks, Big KRIT and their in-house producer… He says it will come out via clothing brand Supreme, which was about to sponsor them.
He eventually encloses a 11-track full A$AP Rocky project entitled « Mouth Full Of Gold », kind of a preview of what his 1st release would have been like. With some DJ Burn One, Olympicks & Ty Beats produced joints.
Then begins a long series of emails in which he explains to me the kind of strategy he has in mind.
A strategy consisting in what ?
Consisting in making Rocky blow up thanks to blog support, but not just any random blogs. In big letters, their manager is trying to model them to fit in with 2Dopeboyz/Nahright… The Get High video with Ferg, to me it was about that… And him, Stevie, he’s not into that, I mean not at all. So he tries to connect some other rappers and producers to reach a different audience. He starts namedropping all the folks with whom he plans to collaborate; it sounds like an All Star Game of what was critically acclaimed by all the « specialised » rap blogs at that time: Young L, Droop-E, Clams Casino producing… Main Attrakionz as well.
No more than a few days later, he manages to get Squadda B on a beat from a Norwegian, Cash Flow I think. This is the track which will become Underground King, a tribute to Pimp C in which he says he fucks the majors. I think it eventually came out on no project.
May/Jun 2011, except for the compilation I uploaded and which is still not spreading that much, you can’t find any of the songs online… But already some majors look for signing him. Such as Atlantic Records… These guys already offer them a fine contract – which I don’t know no detail about – but they refuse it. They won’t go in as Rocky’s album would have been directed by Wiz Kalifah’s A&R (Rolling Paper period) who wants to make them a pop product with an « overdose of wild homo guitars ».
Still aiming at seducing a certain audience, which I personally would consider as Realniggatumblr’s audience after all, Stevie tells me he wants to shoot a Purple Swag video… kind of a remake of Prodigy’s Mack 10 Handle.
In the meantime, he sends me over two new Clams Casino produced tracks: Palace & Wassup. As I begin to have a few tracks at hand, he says I can spread some of ’em, even make another compilation if I want to. So I put one or two more on my blog… And the rest of it I ask some Internet guys to listen to, some folks from the Music Industry as well, so I know how they feel about it.
Loading video So what do Internet and Industry people say ?
I bring the attention of something like 10 guys around those tracks, French and Belgian people only… All of ’em are really into it at first. ‘Must say the guy blows in with productions from all the current freshmen, period; it was gold at that time. Amongst them are some « behind the scenes » guys like Amaury Feron or Guillaume Berg, convinced that he has a bright future. Guillaume even reaches out Stevie and starts getting along with them, working a bit with them… On organising a European tour in particular, to make them come to Paris. I think early July, 2011, while the Purple Swag video hadn’t dropped yet and nobody had heard about them except for 15 Parisians and 2 Belgians, it’s already decided that Main Attrakionz & A$AP Rocky would do a gig in Paris in October.
So do they and you meet ’em for real this time ?
Not really… Even though everything had been planned, or nearly planned, with such things as Young Jeezy opening in Scandinavia if I remember well, this tour would actually never be. Because a lot of things happened between this early July and October.
Let me just go back, to Jun, 2011. First of all, Soufien enters the loop. One morning I receive a message from Stevie saying that I must listen to this beat from a French producer that Rocky will probably use… When I find out this French producer is… Soufien, whom I already knew, I’m laughing my ass off, as he hadn’t tell anyone. I think everybody knows how it happened, he sent over some beats on Facebook, etc, etc.
As they didn’t have that much contact with Soufien anymore, that’s me who recovers Acid Drip for him and I send it over via Twitter. If I remember well, we didn’t have Get Lit at that time and we weren’t sure whether those tracks would be on the tape or not, so we kept our mouths shut.
Then we meet SpaceGhostPurpp… The rest of Green Ova, etc… which leads the mixtape to be delayed again and again, ending up not looking at all like the original project (Mouth Full Of Gold).
End of May/early Jun, the Purple Swag video is already shot and they start making a new one for each track of the tape. Their idea is to do like Lil B in a way, having a new video each week during summer. And then, I don’t know what happens, they give up the video. Stevie asks me to remove all the songs I put online (Wassup, Peso, Diamonds), to delete quite a few other stuff and not to communicate anymore. I understand that things are happening faster for them. They go back and shoot another video for Purple Swag… they launch it early July on Realniggatumblr, my blog and a couple of more such as Yayodancing.
From now on, everybody knows what’s up, as they are « officially » out. First vid works very well but the one that will really be a hit is Peso. And as Deep Purple – the small compilation made of YouTube rips – is still the only Rocky project available out there, it’s being more and more downloaded, easily going over 100 000.
So now the majors start to quiver I guess…
I guess they do… As they were already in touch with labels before, plus the way things happened, I think their record deal with Sony was almost signed even before the new Purple Swag video came out. And that they just didn’t tell anyone. There were probably some details to be fixed, and the viral success those vids encountered probably helped in exaggerating some figures in the end… but to me it was already almost done before they went really « famous ».
About that, the so-called $3-million deal is not exactly the one that has been given to the general public, do you have some details ?
No I don’t. What I know, or what I believe I know, is that it was about 1,5M$ for A$AP Rocky as a solo artist, and 1,5M$ for A$AP Mob. Without even knowing what it exactly means. But I really don’t think they currently have 3M$ in their wallet…. Once again I don’t know the details as I never had to see this contract, but regarding this deal so many talked about… I’m not convinced that’s the best idea they had.
If their success is indeed « viral », which everything seems to demonstrate – hold by social networks, Tumblr, YouTube, etc. Roughly if they were as supported as indie artists as they seemed to be… It meant they already had a large audience and so they didn’t need that deal. By remaining independent, they would have got 100% of everything their music generates, from MP3 sales to YouTube ads, live tours or clothing brands in their case… When you have millions of views, in less than a month, on several of your videos… If you’re smart and if you’re able to handle it, a lot more money can go INTO YOUR POCKET rather than signing such a deal… Furthermore… your masters still belong to you. Now I’d bet everything you want that the music those guys are dropping, legally doesn’t belong to them no more.
Go ask Mac Miller or Macklemore what kind of money comes into their pocket at the end of the year. I’m 300% sure it’s ten times what the whole A$AP Mob crew is making all together. And they remain owners of their masters.
I think what made them sign is the promise of a relative « artistic freedom », roughly your albums will be just as you want it to be… Yeah, just the same as being indie right ?!
We get to this theory according which ain’t no such thing as a spontaneous boom in this new worldwide musical industry driven by the Internet, is that it ?
I personally hardly believe in some spontaneous boom happening on the web, yeah. Some folks – with just a video on YouTube, without having approached anyone first, without having a manager, etc… who’d sign a contract for several millions with a major label 5 weeks afterward, I believe that’s part of the stories that feed into marketing, also allowing musical journalists enabled to speak a word about music to have something to say.
But that’s not exactly what I wanted to highlight here. Thing is, for the US market, when you have a thrilled audience already existing, I doubt signing with a major is the best option. I believe Macklemore is now a role model in this field.
A$AP Rocky had everything under control so he could handle his career the same way, I’m sure he would have sold the same amount of albums and would have make more money… But that’s true they couldn’t have fronted like « Yo, we got a $3-million deal »… When it’s actually « Yo, I’m paying that percentage of what I earn to Mr. so-and so and my masters don’t belong to me no more »
By the way the guy who built that A$AP Rocky buzz – Stevie/Yams – has now been put aside, hasn’t he ?
Stevie became A$AP Yams indeed. He’s credited on both the album and mixtape as executive producer, so I think he’s still involved in the artistic choices. I guess he will also on the next A$AP Ferg album to be released.
I don’t know if he plays another role but this one today. He’s still with them, touring and shit. But for a few months he seems to be busier with some West Coast rappers. He manages them, advises them and helps them; thanks to the connections he developed during the A$AP Mob adventures. Like Joey Fatts for instance. But I don’t know more precisely.
Nowadays the few interactions I got with him go through a Facebook group we have, involving a bunch of guys who’ve been part of this story or close enough for the last 2/3 years.
From your point of view – as an industry insider – what is your feeling on this ? Bitterness ? Amusement ? Proud ? The three combined/none of that ?
No bitterness, I got no reason to feel this way. It was amusing on many aspects for sure. Especially when people here in France said I had « discovered » A$AP Rocky, based on some newspaper articles and these kinds of stupid stuff, when it was absolutely not true. Me being part of the equation or not wouldn’t change anything to the story I think. I used to receive dozens of emails as people thought I was their manager or something… It was funny.
In addition, the fact that I was there allowed me to meet people and connect. And this is always cool.
Do you believe that « Influential blogs » in rap music are necessarily manipulated by Stevielike guys?
Sometimes it’s not completely conscious or as well thought out as Stevie did, so I don’t know if we can talk about manipulation, but there are definitely some artists that are being helped by some blogs. It can be explained by friendliness. As artists eventually get closer with bloggers/journalists for instance. There is this one blog of a skating clothing brand, talking a lot about rap music; this is exactly what I’m saying… Rappers they highlight always have a small success thanks to their support… And after chatting here and there, I realised that it’s just a huge friendliness network. Neither the rappers nor the bloggers are completely aware of it.
And there’s also some quite vicious stuff. Here’s a funny one. I’m part of a Facebook group gathering almost all the American bloggers, something like 10 rappers and a bunch of producers… One day we asked ourselves, if we all started to praise somebody at the same time on our different websites, wrapping up the whole thing well, like taking a beat from that well-known producer, a featuring with this hot cat and shit… Would we succeed in making believe he’s dope ?
We took someone from the group who didn’t know how to rap, someone ghostwrited his lyrics and we made him rap on some beat from a producer everyone would know… One after the other, every blogger from the group wrote some stuff to explain why it was dope… It worked. But even more than everything we could have imagined. As this artist went highly praised by all the « tastemaker » blogs, for real. We found him in some year-end blog lists from bone-headed hipsters websites nearly interested in rap, some articles saying it was revolutionary, including some big players like Complex, Fader, Spin, Pitchfork… And now… well this artist has a career. Not amongst the rap audience, but amongst kind of retarded hipsters who love to believe that they listen to rap music, it’s a hit. This artist is touring now, hanging around with stars and shit… I think I won’t reveal his identity for now, but someday someone will, for sure.
Anyway, I don’t know if it’s a proof that these kinds of practices do exist, but it’s a proof it definitely works.
More on a RNT model, there are the Baller’s Eve guys, responsible for launching Yelawof, Trinidad James and a few other careers. The boss of this radio/blog seems to hang out and find new talents pretty much everywhere, then manages them a bit undercover before pretending he discovers them when posting on his blog.
It’s been really nice of you to take some time and energy to tell us the hidden agenda of this story, one last word to add ?
Only that as far as I’m concerned, I don’t write articles on « the next big thing » no more, or new talents, in fact I don’t do really fresh news topics… Not to fall into that kind of stuff, even without noticing.
Because I don’t want to hand on no plates to people no more.
I’ve always been writing what I think, but when you start doing this too much, you become this snooper website, running after the last news and the next thing to blow up… maybe for lack of a real high quality content.
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Reddit, what would be your last meal?

If you knew your last day was tomorrow, what would you eat? Just curious.
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Part 45.

Sorry guys. The Mandela Effect technically slowed down but I found Maybe It's Mandela'd on YouTube and they have reported tons of changes from November 2018 to May 2019 and even some from 2016 I haven't heard about yet.
7073.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember any of this stuff being different or not a thing?(Just gonna link their tons of interesting videos.)(El Pasco, Texas/El Paso, Texas)(MOAM/MAOAM candy)(Ring Pops/Ring Pop)(Is the knife that Chucky is holding on the Child's Play movie cover different?)(Girls and guys have different natural body odors.)(Anonymous masks now have red lips and red cheeks.)(Didn't Grumpy Cat die way before May 14, 2019 and wasn't she male?)(Watermellon/Watermelon)(Flying squid.)(All different colors of flamingos.)(Titantic/Titanic)(Lots of new Steven Seagal movies.)(The music video for Hotline Bling by Drake has changed in a lot of ways.)(More changes to the Anonymous mask.(Miki Lauda/Niki Lauda)(Other spellings?)(Certain living and dead members of Iron Butterfly dying more than once or still being alive.)(Tempermental/Temperamental)(Other spellings?)(Galapagos giant tortoises born for first time since 1800's.)(All the new videos and angles of the JFK assassination.)(Embryonic Fluid/Amniotic Fluid)(Buzzing boy heard in his ear was a tick.)(The lyrics to Rock Me by Steppenwolf have changed.)(Rebecca Grayheart/Rebecca Gayheart)(Juwanna Nan/Juwanna Mann)(Black rainbow roses now exist.)(You can no longer sink in quicksand.)(Days Go By is no longer a 90's hit and Dirty Vegas is now popular for it and not The Rembrandts who used to be The Rembrants.)(Bumblebees can't sting.)(Mean Girls movies both have connected letters.)(Red eyed cats.)(Blue eyed box turtles.)(Half albino peacocks.)(A group of cats are called a Clowder or Glaring.)(Quantus Airlines/Qantas Airlines)(There were female pilots in some of the really old wars.)(Masters Of Reality/Master Of Reality)(Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget shows his face now.)(Zupas has connected letters.)(Black sunflowers now exist.)(Black and purple bell peppers now exist and the different colors for bell peppers now might apparently be them in different stages instead of being separate types.)(The first E in Deep Purple is now reversed.)(More animals eating weird new stuff.)(Bed Bath & Beyond D is stretched out.)(Are the colors used for some of the signs off?)(Was the name different?)(The first recorded sound was April 9, 1860 now.)(Cursive Q looks like a 2.)(More weird looking mantises.)(Megaduck/Negaduck)(Air plants now exist.)(Star shaped cities now exist.)(Area 54/Area 51)(Was it something else?)(Two names for "They Live"?)(Red LobsteRed Lobster: Fresh Fish Live Lobster)(California breaking up into multiple separate states.)(Royalty way back like Queen Victoria wearing things like sunglasses.)(Tornado ripped off roof of church as children sang Jesus Loves Me story came out last year?)(Taiwanese Leopard spotted for first time since 1983 extinction.)(Christie Alley/Kirstie Alley)(Chucky's jumper and shirt have changed in Child's Play.)("If the glove don't fit, you must acquit."(Aquit?)/"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.")(Did he not have a hat and was he referring to a glove?)(Johnny Cochrane/Johnnie Cochran)(Anything else off?)(More lyrics in Wanted Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi have changed.)(Was Swum not a word for you?)(Weasel riding on the back of a bird.)(Pigeon dancing to street music.)(Anything famous the Theremin is used in seem off to you?)(Was it the Theramin?)(MannoManor)(Swamp Thing was now released exactly 5 years earlier in 1982 instead of 1987.)(Tony Scott killed himself exactly 5 years earlier in 2012 instead of 2017.)(Tom Skeritt/Tom Skerritt and did he die?)(Did the little girl die before or after 3rd movie?)(Anything else off?)("Got out of bed."/"Fell out of bed.")(Vinegarette/Vinaigrette)(Other spellings?)(When The Heart Calls/When Calls The Heart)(Caress/Carress/Caress)(Rare black deer spotted.)(Dogs dying from saltwater poisoning.)(Outtro/Outro)(Anything else off?)(Feather stars can swim.)(Brittle stars can swim.)(Sea anemones can swim.)(Was it The Family Circle or Family Circle?)(Did Richard Leroy McKinley and him dying and the two other guys who died with him not exist?)(1670 painting showing cell phone and many other paintings and old movies, films and the 1995 boxing match and all the other photos and paintings of time travellers.)(The Wizard Of Oz theme park closed decades ago but has been open since the 90's.)(Brian Mullins/Brian Mullin)(Lots of new flag designs.)(Zapruder film with sound?)(Other spellings of Deion Sanders?)(Akira Toriyama is now alive.)(Lots of new deep holes.)(Red hourglass change on black widow.)(Paul Mason/Paul Masson)(Women having a freckle in the same spot.)(British Indian Ocean Territory?)(Gem found in Israel worth more than diamonds.)(Animals in places where they never used to live.)(Capricorn is an actual goat species.)(The Mysterious Case Of Benjamin Button/The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button)(Have you heard of The Great Dying?)(The first inhabitants of Asia were black.)(Phenomenon vs. Phenomena?)(Salem's Lot logo has merged.)(Jennifer GardneJennifer Garner)(Lots of new Star Trek changes.)(Circle K letter K is now dipping into the outer part of the logo.)(Lavar Burton/LaVar Burton)(Grand Canyon city?)(Dobsonflies now exist.)(Green Humphead Parrot Fish now exist.)(Lizard giving birth without mate.)(Shaggy sometimes has a visible Adam's Apple.)(Lollipop color has changed in The Wizard Of Oz.)(Pokémon Go now has rainbows.)(Velella Vella now exists.)(Heward Packard/Hewlett-Packard)(Other spellings?)(Anything else off?)(Cat born with 4 ears.)(More living rocks.)(Blue rolly pollies now exist.)(All Of My Love/All My Love)(Jimmy Paige/Jimmy Page)("Horny backed toad."/"Horny back toad.")(Anything else off?)(Game Boy Advanced/Game Boy Advance)(Anything else off?)(Vegas Vic is now more ecil looking, is now hitchhiking and not waving, and is now pointing down.)(Crystal Light logo has changed.)(Orcas now eat birds and they even bait them.)(Alligator scopes out somebody's houses.)(Ghetto Superstar lyrics have changed.)(Wendy Peppercorn/Wendy Peffercorn)(Frank N. Furter's outfit has changed.)(Pelican spiders now exist.)(Surface tension on water creates shadows.)(Did the Stonewall Riots not happen and lots of gay acceptance from the 1960's to the 1980's didn't happen.)(The Ghetto Boys/Geto Boys)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Juicy Fruit multiple slogans.)("The taste is gonna move you."?)(Superman peanut butter?)(Lord Of War has connected letters.)(Lava Soap has connected letters.)(Papersource has connected letters.)(9 Lives has connected letters.)(Freshen-Up has a striped version.)(Certs R has changed.)(Clorets has connected letters.)(A River Runs Through It has connected letters.)(Eagle Transport Corp. has connected letters.)(Toni Perm has connected letters.)(Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil has connected and off letters.)(Tang has changed.)(Double Jeopardy has connected letters.)(Sea Breeze has connected letters.)(Cutex has connected letters.)(ABC after school 80's special has weird logo.)(The Sands/Sands casino)(The Dunes/Dunes casino)(Charleston Heston/Charlton Heston)(The Bee's Knees/Bee's Knees saying originated as just Bee's Knees.)(Back To The Future fading photo has changed.)(Sea monkeys have changed in a lot of different ways.)(Mr. Potato Head was originally other vegetables before being a potato.)(Multiple different versions of Tank Man holding stuff or not and what the tanks look like.)(More logo changes.)(Didn't Bushwick Bill already die?)(TVs in cars in the early to mid 1900's.)(Pocket TVs back then too.)(Quantum Dot TV too.)(Napili-Honokawai/Napili-Honokowai)(GangStaGang Starr)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Was KISS not a contemporary band?)(Did Bob Dylan never wear white makeup?)(SofteneSoftner)(The Stray Cats/Stray Cats)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Were Stones never used as a measurement for weight?)(Birds that can sew?)(7Up Gold was now a thing.)("You won't like me when I'm angry."/"You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.")(Bone that disappeared is now returning.)(Lisa Edmonds/Lisa Edmond/Lisa Emond)(The Weed Man/Weed Man)(Record breaking longhorn sheep in Alabama.)(Valais blacknose sheep now exist.)(Crocodile uses pool noodle.)(Valentina Tereshkova is now the first woman in space and she went up in the 1960's.)(Dogs and cats and many other animals have multiple sets of eyelids.)(Storm down bursts now exist.)(Gloria Vanderbuilt/Gloria Vanderbilt)(Crazy Frog's penis is now visible.)(Our skulls are changing due to mobile phones and other things.)(Spider-Man no longer clinging to the wall in the famous Nintendo 64 game.)(Emperor Tamarins now exist.) ("Had to know it was in your palms."/"Had to know it was in your card.")(Anything else off?)(Energizer bunny has sandals now.)(Hart To Hart has connected letters.)(Moonlighting has connected letters.)(The Love Boat has connected letters.)(Fame has connected letters.)(Rogaine has broken letters.)(A Family AffaiFamily Affair)(Heathers has a broken R.)(Soul Train has weird letters.)(The Outsiders has weird letters.)(Electric Youth has weird letters.)(Red Perfume has weird letters.)(Emeraude has weird letters.)(Flex brand has weird letters.)(Clean & Clear has weird letters.)(The Last Starfighter has weird letters.)(Dogs can actually drive cars.)(Abraham Lincoln might have had Marfan syndrome.)(Chenille plants now exist.)(Rafflesia parasite found in Southeast Asia.)(Smart cakes that make their own layers while baking now exist.)(Woody's gun holster has a ribbon on it.)(Whiskey A Go Go/Whisky A Go Go and it was called Whiskee A Go Go in the 1960's.)(Has Bugs Bunny's tail gotten bigger?)(Stepping Stone/Steppin' Stone)(Were there no red bats on the wheels of the Batmobile?)(South Park: Bigger, Badder & Uncut/South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut)(A hat in As Good As It Gets has changed from blue to black with USA written on it.)(Theory Of Relativity/Theory Of Special Relativity)(Seeing the end of a rainbow is possible now.)(Cal Ripkin Jr./Cal Ripken Jr.)(Johnny Ive Of Apple/Jonny Ive Of Apple/Jon Ive Of Apple/Jony Ive Of Apple)(Ricky SchroedeRicky Schroder)(Chicken Of The Sea logo and letters and Starkist logo are now off.)(The Firm letters are connected.)(Cabrini College letters are connected.)(Liberty University and Jeff Foxworthy graphics on screen are merged.)(Malibu Musk letters are connected.)(Aqua Net new logo is off.)(Lynx car logo is off.)(Rave Hair Spray(Was it always Hairspray?)logo is off.)(Coast Soap logo is off.)(Kodak Color Watch logo is off.)(Great Westerners Savings Bank, Chevrolet and Pacific Bank commercials are merging.)(Aveda logo is off.)(Grizzly Adams is merged.)(Mork & Mindy is merged and Na-Nu is Na-No.)(LA Looks is merged.)(4C Iced Tea is merged.)(Cannonball Run/The Cannonball Run)(A Shark's Tale/Shark Tale)(Royal Dansk(Danish?)cookies logo is off.)(Baby jumping festival since 1600's.)("Standing there by the record machine."/"Dancing there by the record machine.")(Is the video off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Nestlé Krunch/Nestlé Crunch)(Was it the Lollipop Kids and not Lollipop Guild?)(Adam Bockovich/Adam Bockwich)(Adam GardneAdam Gardiner)(Vengence/Vengeance)(Other spellings?)(South Jersey isn't just a saying.)(Disposable clothing in the 1960's.)(Sausage trees?)(Pepto-Bismo/Pepto-Bismol)(Sharks that squirt glowing clouds.)(Argentina has their own space program.)(America's Tires/America's Tire)(Animals with Down Syndrome now exist.)(Amish people almost all wear straw hats now and not fedora hats.)(The Flintstones now all have only 4 fingers.)(Deer almost all have really long tails now.)(Arcacia Drive/Acacia Drive)(Song title too.)(More WW1 stuff.)("Planet earth moves slowly."/"Planet earth turns slowly.")("You'd think I'm rude."/"You'd think me rude.")(Do any of their logos look off?)(3 Non Blondes/4 Non Blondes)(Did one of the members not exist?)(What's Going On?/What's Up?)(Lyrics are still the same.)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Beast Number wasn't always 666.)
7074.(Movie Quote change.)"Put him in a body bag Johnny."/"Get him a body bag. Yeah."
7075.(Famous Singer name change.)Mary J. Blidge/Mary J. Blige(Other spellings?)
7076.(Song name change.)Getting TighteGettin' Tighter
7077.(Company name change.)Dress Barn/Dressbarn(Were the letters in Teddy Ruxpin not connected?)
7078.(Company name change.)Cooper Tires/Coopertires(Cooper Tire or Coopertire?)(Certains companies with the name Perkins looking like Jerkins.)(Perkins Cole/Perkins Coie)
7079.(T.V. Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in DIC not being connected?
7080.(T.V. Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in United Artists not being connected?(Do the letters in the My Little Pony logos look off?)
7081.(Famous Singer name change.)Chrissie Hines/Chrissie Hynde(Other spellings?)
7082.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the TSR logos being normal?
7083.(Tour Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Starr Tours(Star Tours?)being normal?
7084.(Fictional Area appearance change.)Do you remember the bathroom in The Shining being red or golden yellow instead of green?
7085.(Phantom fictional character.)Do you remember Moss-Man not existing?("My angel in a centerfold."/"My angel is the centerfold.")(Do any of their logos look off?)(John Lennon in Imagine keeps changing.)(Does Felix The Cat seem off?)
7086.(Famous Actor name change.)Stanley Livingstone/Stanley Livingston(Was Livingston always spelled Livingstone?)
7087.(Movie Logo change.)"Run like the wind Bullseye!"/"Ride like the wind Bullseye!"
7088.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember The Who singing American Woman instead of The Guess Who?(Did The Guess Who not exist?)
7089.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Liquid water on Mars, Huitlacoche, tusker elephants, mirror hand syndrome, clams can swim, 3 secret additional icky verses to the Star Spangled Banner, sock worms, harp sponge, the falling man is the brother of the extra GI ME guy in the Village People, more on camel teeth, feral parrots are taking over America, shadows are fuzzy now, East Africa is splitting in two, orange crocodiles, Devil's corkscrews, insect with interlocking gears in legs, are we in Kali Yuga, famous 40 year old image of frost on Mars, people with open damaged holes in their head do not get them closed again, changes to war horses, more anatomy changes.)(Video below.)
7090.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Bull Jumping not being a thing?
Add-On: Do you remember Arnold Schwarzenegger being Russian, German or both and not Austrian?
7091.(Album name change.)Eric B. For President/Eric B. Is President(Eric B. For President/Eric B. Is The President)(Do any of their logos look off?)
7092.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Gerard Butler being the main character in Wanted instead of James McAvoy?
7093.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Benjamin Franklin being first to find electricity?
7094.(Famous Actress name change.)Jenny Garth/Jennie Garth
7095.(Famous Singer name change.)Jan Ackerman/Jan Akkerman(Do any of their logos look off?)
7096.(Paint name change.)ZinseZinsser
7097.(Music Lyrics change.)"I need a gun to keep myself from harm."/"I need a gun to keep myself among."(Does the instrunental sound off?)
7098.(Fruit name change.)Mullberry/Mulberry
7099.(Food name change.)Tofurkey/Tofurky(The latter is more acceptable.)
7100.(Song name change.)Me And You And A Dog Named Blue/Me And You And A Dog Named Boo(Do any of their logos look off?)
7101.(Snack name change.)Whatsits/Wotsits(Does the logo look off?)
7102.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Theremin not being a thing?
7103.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the NASA Robonauts not going back as far as 2002?(Did they not exist at all?)
7104.(Spelling change.)Pigmy/Pygmy(Was the former the only acceptable spelling?)(Anything else off?)
7105.(Famous Singer name change.)Alex Boyd/Alex Boye/Alex Boyé(Other spellings?)(Not the artist known as Alex Boyd.)
7106.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Popeye and Olive Oyl not being real people?
7107.(Famous Actor name change.)Powers Booth/Powers Boothe(Other spellings?)
7108.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Freemartins, human body doesn't reject stem cells with foreign DNA, world population counter, 7 Of 9 of Star Trek's eye piece continues to change, Hitler was vegetarian, Hitler didn't like Jews due to Kosher slaughtering because Hitler was an animal lover supposedly, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy intro has changed, bird attack causes traumatic brain injury and trauma to the spine, Stellar Sea Eagle/Steller's Sea Eagle, more Popeye characters I haven't personally seen already mentioned based on real people.)(Video below.)
7109.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Schwerer Gustav not being a thing?
7110.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the number next to the M on the back of a product meaning something else?
7111.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Switzerland not being considered a third-world country?
7112.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember London Bridge actually being in London and not Arizona?
7113.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember tomato sauce being invented in Italy and not Mexico?
7114.(Famous Football Player name change.)Deon Sanders/Deion Sanders
7115.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember uppercase I and lowercase L not looking so similar?(Didn't I have horizontal lines on it everywhere it was written?)
7116.(Famous Actor name change.)Kevin CosneKevin Costner(Is the pronunciation off?)
7117.(Famous Basketball Player name change.)Magic Mike Johnson/Magic Johnson(Anything else off?)
7118.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Rain caused by fires, hairy frog fish, seagull eats another bird, Dick's Sporting Goods logo, Sigmund Freud's history is very different now as a Jew who chain smoked and had hundreds of surgeries on his face, EF3 tornado, CSF rhinorrhea,(Brain fluid leaking out like snot.)more weird sea animals, more geography changes, more weird clouds and cloud related changes, Tasmanian devil appearance changes, lots of Tasmanian tiger related changes, crow vs. magpie and birds are way more aggressive, toilet plant and more new weird plants and fungi.)(Video below.)
7119.(T.V. Show Quote change.)"Submitted for your approval."/"Submitted for the approval.")(Did Rod Serling say it more in The Twilight Zone as well?)
7120.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Ladybug swarms and they're on radar, Brazilian skipper caterpillar, USA now always had a migrant worker program, moving entire apartment complex on rails, more weird weather, earwigs can draw blood now, giant forest hog, boys that do not grow private parts until age 12, snub nose dolphins, warthog face lumps, can't see blue unless there is a word for it first, rainbow chemtrails, aerodynamic contrails, pet skunks and more weird stuff.)(Video below.)
7121.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember beluga whales not having knees?
7122.(Spelling change.)Pompei/Pompeii(Was the latter never acceptable?)
7123.(Coffee name change.)Chock Full Of Nuts/Chock Full O' Nuts(Is the logo off?)'Nuts
7124.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Ornithopter not existing?(1890's spy cameras?)
7125.(Fictional Character name change.)Jamie Summers/Jaime Sommers(Lindsey WagneLindsay Wagner)
7126.(Casino Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Primm not being connected?
7127.(Movie Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Amadeus not being connected?
7128.(Movie Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Black Sheep not being cut or connected?
7129.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Chrysler 200 not being connected?(Air Jordan logo has broken letters.)(Apple & Eve logo has broken and weird letters.)
7130.(Product Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Eckrich not being connected?
7131.(Painting change.)Do you remember the cherubs in the Sistine Madonna having different colored wings than they do now?(More changes to Chock Full O' Nuts logo.)
7132.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Jesus not having a forked beard?
7133.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember being able to stack Draw cards and also being able to draw cards until you can play one in Uno instead of those being illegal plays?
7134.(Music Lyrics change.)"I had to say I love you in a song."/"I'll have to say I love you in a song."(Song title too.)(Do any of his logos look off?)
7135.(New fruits.)Do you remember only green kiwis existing?(Was it never known as a kiwifruit?)
7136.(City name change.)Chernobyl, Ukraine/Chornobyl, Ukraine(Was the latter not acceptable?)
7137.(Movie Quote change.)"An angel gets its wings."/"An angel gets his wing."
7138.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the letter U never ever being depicted as looking similar to a V?
7139.(Famous Actor name change.)Will Farell/Will Ferrell(Other spellings?)(Was his outfit in Elf all green or were the tights beige or orangish?)
7140.(Township name change.)Belle Meade, New Jersey/Belle Mead, New Jersey,_New_Jersey
7141.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Leonardo da Vinci not being the first person to describe contact lenses?(Anything else he supposedly was the first to describe seem off?)
7142.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Juneteenth not being a thing?
7143.(Famous Singer name change.)Glen Fry/Glenn Frey(Do any of their logos look off?)
7144.(Famous Singer name change.)Jackson Brown/Jackson Browne(off?)
7145.(Movie name change.)Trains, Planes And Automobiles/Planes, Trains And Automobiles,_Trains_and_Automobiles
7146.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Cranial fissures on orbital bone, Sun double halo, mastoiditus, cholesteatoma, MH370 flight path and history, Fort Alcatraz, Eastwing rockhammer, slow crawling lightning, gnat larvae moving blob, more new moon types, cat fox, Bristol or Windsor hum, more new quakes, living fish found in boy's lung, teratoma tumor, inflatable moth man parts, black cloth is more cooling than white cloth, Sunda stink badgers, Our Lady Of The Rockies, Possum-eating spider, more Lincoln Memorial changes, Viagra makes flowers stand up straight.)(Video below.)
7147.(Hip Hop Group name change.)Die Antwood/ Die Antwoord(Do any of their logos look off?)
7148.(Famous Composer name change.)Johanne Sebastian Bach/Johann Sebastian Bach
7149.(Famous Drummer name change.)Barrymore Barlow/Barriemore Barlow(Do any of their logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Uncle Sam's jacket being completely light blue?(Does his pointing finger look off?)
7150.(Song name change.)Love Rain On Me/Love, Reign o'er Me(Are the lyrics off?)(Is the way he sings it off?),_Reign_o%27er_Me
7151.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Younger humans growing horns, human height varies by 1 to 2 inches a day, spiders that eat mice, you continue growing well into your mid 20's, Wagu beef is not Wagyu and is more marbled, a single hornet kills a mouse, horses routinely bleed through their nose and lungs and nose during heavy exercise and it's not super dangerous for them, Britain's opium wars against China, Sahara sand is more orange, dead fish still tries to "bite", the Jordan Lead Codices, electric cars 100 years ago had 200 mile range now, zombie snakes play dead, restaurants in Japan serve still living food and food that's just still moving including frogs and octopus, Space Shuttle changes, more weird new plants, more geography changes, UV light may be able to kill flu viruses, Equal Pay Act Of 1983, moon looked like the Sun, Camera Obscura goes much farther back now in time.)(Video below.)
7152.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Woody not having cacti on his boots and no string attached to his hat?
7153.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Red Fraggle having red hair instead of orange hair?
7154.(Restaurant Product name change.)Hunger BusteHungr-Buster
7155.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Mandela effect conference, PayPal log tilting, crow standing on wings, wasp super nests, humans running like horses, funny bone no longer easy to bang, monkey cheek pouches, flies have 5 eyes, temple elephant head hair, venom spraying scorpions, syrup from walnut and other trees besides maple, fat tailed goats, Gympie Gympie trees, Dalai Llama saying non-Buddhist jerky kind of things now, mini tornados, Scandinavia was never a country, Caduceus has 2 snakes instead of 1 and other things.)(Video below.)
7156.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Honeybees can sometimes sting more than once, cannonball star eating fort, water anole uses bubble on head to breath underwater, magnetic portals connect sun and earth, Canadians also did Japanese internment camps, semi slugs and their love darts, thread snakes, kneeling moals, more anatomy changes and more stuff.)(Video below.)
7157.(Village name change.)Teahopoo/Teahupo'o(Other spellings?)'o
7158.(Website Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in being normal?
7159.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Dongle not being a thing?
7160.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Smokey Bear having overalls or suspenders instead of no shirt?(Does he look bigger?)(Does his fur look off?)(Is his face off?)
7161.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the gloves not fitting on O.J. Simpson's hands?(Did he not have glove liners?)(Was there only one glove?)(Are the gloves different?)(Was O.J. Simpson the one driving the car?)(Was he the only one in the car?)(Did he drive his own car?)(Did he not have a gun?)(Did he have something else?)
7162.(New fruits.)Have you heard of the pink lemon?
7163.(Spelling change.)WaffeWafer
7164.(Music Lyrics change.)"When I was just a young boy."/"When I was just a baby."
7165.(Famous Singer name change.)Billie Ellish/Billie Eilish(Is the pronunciation off?)(Other spellings?)
7166.(Famous Actress name change.)Mindy Cohen/Mindy Cohn
7167.(Date change.)Do you remember the first electric toaster not going as far back as 1893?
7168.(Spelling change.)Nickle/Nickel(Everything Nickel is used in.)
7169.(Fictional Character name change.)Eric Carmen/Eric Cartman(Other spellings?)
7170.(Famous Singer name change.)John Entwhistle/John Entwistle
7171.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the Starbucks logo not having as many wavy lines?
7172.(Phantom person.)Do you remember Joe Bonamassa not existing?
7173.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the 3rd Degree Burn being the worst burn you can get instead it being 4th Degree?
7174.(Music Lyrics change.)"To think I might not see those eyes."/"To think I might not see those eye."(Any of their logos look off?)
7175.(Famous Paper name change.)Great Remonstrance/Grand Remonstrance
7176.(Fictional Character appearance change .)Do you remember Abby Mallard having braces?(Does her voice sound off?)(Did she have a lisp or speech impediment?)
7177.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the lid of the water tank in the Elisa Lam story being closed instead of open?
7178.(Famous Singer name change.)Andy Worhol/Andy Warhal/Andy Warhol(Other spellings?)
7179.(Company name change.)Cambell/Campbell's(Was Campbell always spelled Cambell in everything it was used in?)
7180.(Book Title change.)Kujo/Cujo(Do any of Strphen King's book logos look off?)
7181.(Famous Composer name change.)Andrew Loyd WebeAndrew Lloyd Webber(Other spellings?)
7182.(Music Lyrics change.)"Love is a burning flame."/"Love is a burning thing."(Any other lyrics off?)
7183.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Bison and Buffalo being interchangeable names instead of being 2 different animals?
7184.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Siphonomores and pyrosomes, Portuguese Man Of War is not a jellyfish, sailfish change colors by mood, spleen can heal on its own, pygmy hippos, more Easter Island statue changes, long tailed weasels in San Diego, Moon Hill China, giant trevally fish snatches birds from air, red river hog, cave pearls and other things.)(Video below.)
7185.(Dictionary name change.)Meriam-WebsteMerriam-Webster(Other spellings?)
7186.(Instrument name change.)Accordian/Accordion
7187.(Celebrity death cause change.)Do you remember John Belushi dying of a drug overdose instead of being murdered?(Anything else off?)
7188.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(More on Tikki Marsala, Finland sided with Nazi Germany, cherubism, more weird clouds, Venus was maybe once more like Earth, thousand year old moss and nematodes were recently thawed out of ice and are still alive, weird Abraham Lincoln statue, more Crazy Horse changes, lithophonic stones in Stonehenge, cichlids change colors with mood, dancing mini stingrays with bifurcated leg like man parts, antelope jackrabbits, huge Hindu temples in USA, and more.)(Video below.)
7189.(Famous Singer name change.)Roy Albrighton/Roye Albrighton(Do any of their logos look off?)
7190.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Dorothy's slippers not having bows?(Were her socks white and not blue?)
7191.(Movie name change.)The Devil's Advocate/Devil's Advocate
7192.(Music Lyrics change.)"And I said hey."/"And I say hey."("What a wonderful time of day."/"What a wonderful kind of day.")("Learn to walk and play."/"Learn to work and play.")(Anything else off?)
7193.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember screaming frogs and toads not being a thing?(Anything else?)
7194.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Bambi's spots and tail being different?
7195.(Famous General name change.)Poncho Villa/Pancho Villa
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Pussy synonyms

copher, cunt, pussy, twat, cooter, beaver, fish lips, taco, camel toe, muff, snatch, fuck hole, garage, oven, love button, penis glove, cock sock, cock pocket, JJ, hoohah, bajingo, cum dumpster, sperm bottle, goop chute, slit, trim, quim, pooter, love rug, poontang, poonanie, cooch, tunnel of love, vertical bacon sandwich, bearded clam, cookie, cooleyhopper, nookie, the pink, honey pot, cunny, vag, meat curtains, hatchet wound, putz, fur burger, box, front bottom, gash, kebab, kitty, minge, snapper, catfish, vertical smile, lovebox, love canal, nana, flower, the cum dump, chocha, black hole, sperm sucker, fish sandwich, cock warmer, whisker biscuit, carpet, deep socket, cum craver, cock squeezer, slice of heaven, flesh cavern, the great divide, cherry, tongue depressor, clit slit,laps, fuzz box, fuzzy wuzzy, glory hole, grumble, man in the boat, mud flaps, mound, peach, piss flaps, the fish flap, he furry cup, stench-trench, wizard's sleeve, DNA dumpster, tuna town, split dick, bikini bizkit, cock holster, cockpit, snooch, kitty kat, poody tat, grassy knoll, cold cut combo, Jewel box, rosebud, curly curtains, furry furnace, slop hole, velcro love triangle, nether lips, where Uncle's doodle goes, altar of love, cupid's cupboard, bird's nest, bucket, cock-chafer, love glove, serpent socket, spunk-pot, hairy doughnut, fun hatch, spasm chasm, red lane, stinky speedway, bacon hole, belly entrance, sugar basin, sweet briar, breakfast of champions, wookie, fish mitten, fuck pocket, hump hole, pink circle, silk igloo, scrambled eggs between the legs, black oak, Republic of Labia, juice box, Golden Palace, fetus flaps, skins, sausage wallet, Holiest of Holies, sugar hole, The Death of Adam, home plate, Deer Hoof, Golden Arches, Cats Paw, Mule Nose, Yo Yo Smuggler, Mumbler, Dinner Roll, Crotch Waffle, Piss Fenders, crack, Melvin, Dove Breast, Brakepads, Vedgie, Slurpy, Vacuum Vulva, Pastrami Flaps, Hot Tamaki Walk, Buffalo Gums,Rooster Jaws, Wagon Ruts, Beaver Teeth, Mumble Pants, Ninja Boot, Marcia, Skin Canoe, Fatty, Mossy Jaw, The Big W, Chia Hole, Lip Jeans, Beetle Hood, Hungry Minge, Welly Top, Frum, Pancake Fold, Tongue Roll, Bologna Flap-Over, Furrogi (Poland), Fortune Nookie, Bearded Taco, Calamari Cockring, Displabia, Slot Pocket, Bluntfrunt, Fishamjig, Pole Magnet, Pocket Pie, Clamarama, kitty cage, Chicken's tongue, Conch shell, Crack of heaven, Dog's mouth, Door of life, Fly catcher, Fruit cup, Jelly roll, Lobster pot, bunny tuft, knish, her asshole neighbor, lotus, nappy dugout, moneymaker, womens weapon, tackle box, bone hider, red sea, pizzo, jizz recepticle, The Helmut Hide-A-Way, hairy heaven, furry 8 ball rack, crave cave, arbys with fur, fish canyon, toolshed, snake charmer, Furby, Enchilada of love, Ham sandwich, Camarillo brillo, Brazilian caterpillar, dick rack, boy in the canoe, flesh tuxedo, Mound of Venus, queef quarters, Venus butterfly, cream canal, apple pie, pie, wet mark, private area, thresher, punash, salami garage, slurpee machine, pink cookie, penalty box, ground zero, meat crease, bait, birth canal, holy grail, pole hole, pork pie, fuzz bucket, one-eyed python trail, bubble gum by the bum, stink rink, theme park, saloon doors, pink truffle, bitter & twisted, burger bar, meat counter, temperamental ringpiece, python syphon, big bud, the Wombsday Book, the condo downstate, snake lake, the indoor barbecue, pound cake, beef tomato, tickled pink, launch pad, horn of plenty, the indoor picnic, hamper of goodies, flapped bap, bonefish, close encounter with the turd kind, sperm bank, man's charity bash, bush tucker, midnight dip, the one-door vulva, the welcome opponent, the Twatlantic Ocean, temporary lodgings, field of dreams, bean, cooze, old catchers mitt, devil's hole, lucy, pish buffet, pooswaa, poonaner, davey jones locker, pink panther, tinker bell, south mouth, dick eater, wonder bread, wolly bolly, foxhole, hot pocket, head catcher, Lawrence of A Labia, silk funnel, dick driver, purple people penis eater, ponchita, cherry pop tart, fat rabbit, scunt, pee jaws, mingus, The Notorious V.A.G., dugout, babyoven, penis parking, cooter muffin, the promised land, cha cha, the shrine, bitch ditch, fury pink mink, mammal hole, ever-lasting cum stopper, the toothless blow job, happy flappy, wilt chamberlian's daily glove, the code defierthe salt water taffy factory, mommy's pie, the easy bake oven, the deflower patch, the virginator, the schlong sucker, the dea bone patch, the vegitarian's temptation, the vegan store, the blow hole, the pump protector, bag pipe, Spitball Bullseye, meat wagon, pickle stinker, jezebel's smell, yoni, willys haven, scrumpter, peach, sweat box, yeast pocket, penis warmer, tampon tunnel, penis pothole, cucumber canal, egg drop Box, sperm shack, dick dungeon, cock curator, b.o.b.'s bungalow, mommy parts, tuna pot pie, nice slice, peter vise, rack of clam, peters grove, penis purse, grandest canyon, fish dish, banana box, tuna spread, pink portal, count fapula, red river gorge, happy valley, revolving in/out door, baby zipper, richards house, stop-n-pop, bone polisher, packin shack, weiner wrap, clap trap, dildo hotel, axe gash, pearl hotel, sea food six pack, clam canal, coose canal, dick deposit, wand waxer, vidgie, erie canal, candy kiss, gauntlet, round mound of beehound,lick n' stick, lap flounder, tomahawk chop, chin-chin, pachinko, cuntry pie, lip tip, the big casino, one eyed worm hole, amazon forest, cock cave, fuck donut, coochie pop, babby, wet seal, pissy froth hole, bald biscuit, the unmentionable, mans ruin, peeshie, hairy potter, courtney cocksleve, panty hamster,deep pink, jaws of life, gizmo, faith, cock magnet, slippery slide, Meat tunnel, pink heaven, squid, dick basket, hot spot, poochika, pudding, bowl, love cave, squeeze-box, he bone collector, goodie basket, depository, pink turtleneck, bread-box, little debbie, pole hole, pandora's box,snail tracker, cuntzilla, homebase, pud pocket, bear trap, indian bones and the temple of poon, chanch, big montana, noochie, choot, golden valley, nappy roots, dick mitten, mystical fold, red bread, meat locker, douche luge, pushin cushion, cocktease
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Potential Features on Upcoming Albums

I've decided to make a list of the artists I think will feature on either Astroworld or Huncho x Cactus Jack tape.
Already confirmed
Now what I think:
A lot of these artists agree on a feature for a feature so it could be the following artists:
Now the artists that I feel he will collab with and reasons why:
Now the collab I would love to see but will never happen:
If there are any other potential features I've missed out or there are any other collabs you would like to see, write them in the comments.
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Great places to eat?

I apologize if there was once of these recently, I haven't seen one in a while
What are some great places to eat in town? (preferably local)
Me and the wife like to eat out a lot and occasionally we try to find a place to splurge on and spend a little more than we would usually, but those can be hit or miss sometimes, so I'd like to get the opinion of some fellow /fresno members.
Maybe we can do categories for kind of food and if its a budget value or splurge worthy place.
I'll edit and consolidate all the suggestions into a list on this post as we get them in.
List -- Please upvote this post so we can get a good list going! We got some good suggestions so far
Castillo's Mexican Food: Quality and affordable food and great service. They make some excellent Arroz con Pollo there.
-REDHOOD suggests the only thing they need to address is the need to expand their seating. Otherwise I agree this is a good place for some good food.
Central Fish: "Best fried fish in town, you'll never go to LJS again. They also have the freshest sea food market, neat little oriental store as well. Lots of random asian foods" -thecakey
Dusty Buns Bistro: "They started as a food truck and opened up as a legit restaurant a few months ago. They are still out trucking most days and spend most nights cooking at the bistro. All of their food is grown/farmed in the valley and is damn delicious. A main sandwich, side and drink can be had for roughly ten bucks per person. They're located at Echo/Weldon across from Fresno High in the Tower district" -blackandgould
Full O Bull Subs & Pizza: "During the day they serve amazing sandwiches and awesome pizza as well. If you go around lunchtime expect a fair amount of high school kids there. They do in my opinion the best take and bake pizza in Fresno. Decently cheap too, a 12 inch pizza costs around $10, a 16 costs around $14, and they do large pan pizzas for around $20 that could feed groups of 10+. Their pizza dough is also great and can be purchased alone as well to make your own pizza at home" -blackandgould
Golden Dynasty: Very generous portions and the most amazing Orange Chicken I've had in town. one of THE best local Chinese food places for sure, check them out, they have good deals through yelp all the time.
Groggs: "Irish pub, excellent food especially their Meaty bowl. Think phillycheese stake in a sourdough bowl but also includes pastrami. Also, I believe they have the best clam chowder in town." -thecakey
Little Peking: "Huge menu and nearly everything can be substituted for a vegetarian dish. Simple interior but they do have room for eating in and a tv or two set up inside. Again, relatively cheap at under ten bucks a person" -blackandgould
Mah's Teriyaki: "They have some of the best teriyaki bowls i've ever had with good portions. Their teriyaki beef plate you get the equivilant of about two steaks and two heaping spoons of rice for about $10" -thecakey
Mike's Grill: "Small little shack but he has some of the most amazing tri-tip sandwiches ever!" -thecakey
Mother Mary's: "Excellent Italian. Try the Italian baked chicken, its delicious. Their pizza is really good and order Garlic knots and Desert knots. Trust me." -thecakey
Ooi: Great sushi. best all you can eat selection. yeah that's right.... all you can eat sushi for $17 lunch and 23 for dinner! If you want cheaper sushi go to Sendai Sushi or S21" -thecakey
Swiggs: "Best buffalo wings in town. Excellent burgers, and AMAZING ranch fries. Go there, try everything." -thecakey
Tacos Marquitos: "[Has] an amazing bull dog burrito. Get it with any choice of meat. hole in the wall place but its awesome!" -thecakey
Texas Roadhouse: The bread you get as you wait for your order is A-MA-ZING. Though I don't personally much care for the staff randomly singing and dancing but I'm sure it's all part of the experience and honestly the food makes up for it.
Thai Royal Orchid: "I suggest their Phad Thai soup (I think that's what it's called) and their special ice cream with the candied fruit stuff. It's kind of dark and possibly on the dingy side, but delicious anyway. It's on the less expensive side." Mason_son_of_Math
Wassabi Off The Hook: "Just last night I went to Wassabi Off The Hook and it was AMAZING. I loved the food, and the atmosphere was great. Felt sort of like a club. I definitely recommend it. It is however pretty pricey and the portions aren't the biggest. You will be looking at spending $12 and up for a plate. It is in Fig Garden" -johnnyTTz
Honorable Mentions are the casinos' buffets and restaurants at Chuckchansi and Table Mountain.
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With Thanksgiving a few days away, I thought I would post an old guide I made on getting the most out of eating buffet style. Enjoy. Eat well but please be safe.

This is the definitive guide to becoming a seasoned all-you-can-eat buffeter. If you would like to gain knowledge of each and every aspect that lay between you and getting the most fulfilling meal possible you have come to the right place. You will learn with specific techniques the dos and don’ts that every professional smorgasbord eater must adhere to. Within these tough economic times it is important to make sure our dollar stretches as far as possible. This surely will help the pocket book and keep your belly full. The sections covered are as follows:
Being that this is all-inclusive some items may be considered satirical and some factual, due to this there may be conflicting points or seemly hypocritical statements, please keep that mind. Depending on one’s plan of attack on the buffet certain points will or will not be relevant.
If your health is no concern and being able to actually walk back and forth from your table to the buffet stations does not bother you then read on to learn the best, quickest way to find yourself in a motorized cart.
Types of Buffets Chinese – Located in any town with a population over 500 there will be a Super, Star, King, Garden Something or Rather Buffet. Most all will have sweet & sour soup, egg flower soup and wonton soup. You’ll find typical American-Chinese dishes such as lo-mein, sweet & sour chicken, egg rolls, pot stickers, broccoli beef, General Tso’s chicken and fried rice all loaded with exorbitant amounts of MSG. Most will have a small selection of “sushi” which is really just some vegetables and imitation crab meat wrapped in seaweed and rice. To cater to the kids you’ll usually find French fries, pizza, macaroni & cheese, onion rings or spaghetti. The desserts are airy light “cakes” of chocolate, coconut or vanilla along with almond cookies and baked Chinese cookies. Oddly these will have absolutely no weight or sustenance yet will still add to your waistline. Jell-O is a staple as well as bananas covered in some strange strawberry sauce. They will typically have a soft serve ice cream machine (working or not). The more upscale ones will have shrimp, crab legs and possibly a Mongolian BBQ station.
Sushi – These are usually fairly expensive and come in two varieties. The first being a regular sushi restaurant that offers an all-you-can-eat sushi option which is made to order. You normally are allowed 2 to 3 orders at a time and once finished you’ll be allowed to order more. They will typically be very vocal about any sharing and any leftover rolls. There is a high probability that they will charge you for any rolls not consumed or may not allow you to order more until you’ve eaten what has already been made. They are notoriously stingy and keep a watchful eye. Some diners have been known to employ the shelter of salads or miso soups to hide leftover sushi pieces.
The second type is set up as a regular buffet and has many varieties of sushi (15-30 different selections) along with other Japanese and Chinese dishes. They will usually have different salads, miso soup, sweet & sour soup, crab legs, shrimp, varieties of fish, lo-mein, fried rice, sweet & sour chicken, pot stickers, egg rolls, pork spare ribs, tempura, calamari, udon and tofu dishes. The desserts will be tiny individually prepared portions of American cakes and tarts but will not necessary taste like their full baked counterpart. There will also be a few “Japanese” desserts which will include miso, green tea or tofu as ingredients.
American – There are several large chains across the nation serving American buffet. You may have seen one of the following: HomeTown Buffet, Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s Buffet, Golden Corral or Ponderrosa. There are also a slew of smaller chains throughout the states. Here you’ll find a bevy of fried foods including fried chicken, fried shrimp, French fries, onion rings, fried fish, chicken nuggets, different fried vegetables and chicken wings. You can normally find overcooked steak, salty sausage and ham, crispy “pizza”, rubbery hot dogs & hamburgers, watery spaghetti and every type of picnic (pasta, potato, broccoli) salad under the sun. The desserts will be a range of puddings, stale cakes and bland pies along with vanilla and chocolate soft serve ice cream.
Mega – Mostly found within casinos and abundant in Las Vegas, the mega or supper buffet has hundreds of items from many different cuisines. The football field size dining rooms at least make you feel as if you’re burning off some calories as you walk back and forth from your table to the buffet. You will be able to load a plate with fried chicken, pizza, moo shu pork, pad thai and tacos that would make the International Olympic Committee truly proud. Trying to experience every dish that you would like to here can take an entire evening and for most is not possible due to stomach storage constraints. The desserts will range from cheesecake, baklava, crème brule, chocolate layer cake, éclairs, to pie, pudding and gelato. These are going to be the more expensive of all the buffets but the quality and selection will be the highest as well.
Another variety of the mega buffet is the seafood buffet, more popular along the Atlantic coast that will include every possible variety of seafood from clam chowder, clams, lobster, salmon, crab cakes, clam cakes, trout, crawfish, baked shrimp, fried shrimp, coconut shrimp, oysters, baked shrimp, shrimp scampi, stuffed clams and scallops.
Pizza – Broken down into two types. One being your local pizza place that will offer up a lunch time buffet with a few different varieties rotating but will of course include cheese, pepperoni and Hawaiian. There will sometimes be a small salad bar that will have droopy lettuce, olives, chickpeas, onions, pepperoncinis, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and you’re sure to find Ranch, Thousand Island and blue cheese dressings. The other type of pizza buffet is an actual buffet which will have a variety of tossed salads, roughly a dozen different pizzas, possibly pasta and a selection of dessert pizzas. These are normally extremely cheap but the pizza is normally sub-standard.
Salad/Soup Bar – This can be found in any type of restaurant almost as an afterthought. It will include two soups, either chicken noodle or New England clam chowder, limp iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, olives, shredded cheese, peas, carrots, cauliflower, beets, bacon bits, Ranch, Thousand Island, Honey Mustard and blue cheese dressings. You’ll also find warm cottage cheese and syrupy peach slices.
There is however a few higher end salad buffets that have a wide variety of tossed salad, fresh fruits, vegetables, soups, pasta, pizza and breads. The main stipulation of these buffets is the mysterious absence of protein in the dishes. You’ll find a disturbing lack of chicken in the Asian chicken salad or clams in the New England clam chowder. The meat sauce may be your best bet for protein as you can scoop out the meat pieces individually. Bacon bits and cheese can also be another form of protein. The pizza will have roughly 2.5 pieces of pepperoni per slice.
Ethnic – This will normally be a lunch only buffet and includes your various Indian, Thai and Mexican restaurants. This is a great place to get really good food at really good prices as it will be coming from a kitchen that specializes in that cuisine. The buffet will normally be setup as a temporary serving station in the dining room. The selection will be small but will include a few appetizer type dishes and several entrees. Dessert is not implicit here but can sometimes be offered, if so it will normally only be one or two options.
A sub-style of this would be the Brazilian (churrascaria) dinner. This will normally include a lavish salad bar with lettuce, vegetables, cheeses, smoked and cured meats and various dressings. The staple of this style is the practically endless meats served table-side ranging from sirlon, beef ribs, grilled chicken, various sausages, leg of lamb, lamb chops, pork tenderloin to pork ribs. There may be a small amount of side dishes available as well such as polenta or mashed potatoes. This is a meat lovers dream as there are typically a dozen or more varieties to choose from.
Occasional – These will be found at weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, memorials, birthdays, showers, grand openings, business gatherings, potlucks, holiday parties and can include a wide variety of foods and cuisines. Depending on the event and the group involved the selection and quality of food can range from pitiful to exquisite.
Breakfast/Brunch – Many hotels will offer Sunday brunches. These will include all of your typical breakfast dishes. You can get made to order omelets, scrambled eggs, waffles, pancakes, muffins, breads, bagels, cold cereal, oatmeal, cream of wheat, granola, fruit, French toast, bacon, sausage, ham, potatoes and hash browns. Depending on the size and scope you may find shrimp, steak and other premium items. These will often be offered on special days such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Easter.
Continued below:
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Making a playlist for a party. Can you help add to my list?

Ok I just started but here's what I got so far: Bad and Boujee -Migos
Campaign - Ty$
WDYW- Dj Carnage
Ultimate- Denzal Curry
What a Year- Big Sean
Bake Sale- Wiz Khalifa
Mad Luv-Future
Up- Nav
East Side- Dizzy Wright
Bounce Back- Big Sean
Sit Down- Kent Jones
On one-Kool John & P-Lo
4pm in Calabasas- Drake
Hallelujah- Jarren Benton
Little Bit of This- GTA & Vince Staples
All Night- Clams Casino & Vince Staples
Studio-Schoolboy Q
Anything you think would fit good on this playlist. Thanks ahead of time
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Redikulous's Achievements

(5) "Tell Me About The Fucking Golf Shoes" - Go into a casino completely baked. (5) “How Much for the Ape” - Buy something you don’t need because you’re stoned. (See "Shoppin' With Carlin") (5) +10 Difficulty - Play an RPG while high. (5) A Canon! - Smoke from a Steam Roller. (5) Apple of Eden - Smoke out of an apple. (5) BRB, Mars - Smoke a full bowl of kief. (5) BRB, Moon - Use a vaporizer. (5) Cheap but effective - Smoke out of a pop can bowl. (5) Christopher Columbus – Smoke at a campfire. (5) Chong Would be Proud - Smoke from a bong. (5) Climb the Ladder - Meet your dealer's dealer. (5) Commitment - Buy a $150 or more piece. (5) Congratulations! You earned it - Smoke a blunt while driving around in a brand new car.(Pretty Close to that description) (5) Cruelty Free - Make vegan edibles. (5) Determined - Complete a tolerance break of at least two weeks. (5) The Ladies' Man - Smoke out 2 or more girls at once without any other guys there. (Male achievement) (5) Down, boy! - Get a pet cat, dog, or other mammal high using second-hand smoke. (5) Duped - Pass the bong, and someone else unknowingly clears your stale hit. (5) Employee of the Month - Smoking up while at work. (5) Every Man for Himself - Everyone gets there own weed and they smoke together, each having their own individual joint, blunt, bong, piece, etc to smoke from. (5) EZ Baked - Make weed cookies/brownies. (5) Fiendin' - Scrape all your pieces for resin. (5) Fire in the Hole! - Smoke from a bong without using ice or water. (5) Flying Ninja - Smoke outside on a roof or awning at night. (5) Frasier - Smoke weed while drinking wine. (5) Friends with Benefits - Smoke with at least 6 people you know at the same time. (5) Ghostbuster - Hold a hit for so long, you blow out no smoke. (5) Glass Tax - Smoke from a glass pipe. (5) Goldfish Award - Fish-bowl/clam-bake/hot-box your car till you can't see SHIT. (5) Good to the Last Drop - Volunteer to take the last hit when offered. (5) Grasslete - Compete in a sport, stoned. (5) Ground Control - Help out a friend who gets too blitzed. (5) Han Solo - Enjoy a relaxed night smoking by yourself. (5) Haters Gonna Hate - Smoke weed around people who think you're getting bad brain cells. (5) Henry David Thoreau - Smoke away from civilization in nature. (5) Have Weed, Will Travel - Travel to another town exclusively for weed. (5) Humble Pie - Corner the bowl when offered greens. (5) Ice Age - Roll a joint/pack a bowl and smoke it outside while it's snowing. (5) In Soviet Russia - Burn or singe yourself while trying to light a bowl. (5) Incog-weed-o - Convert one common household item into a piece of smoking apparatus. (5) It's... Beautiful! - Take a macro picture of your weed. (5) John Wayne - Smoke at a scenic spot and watch the sunset. (5) Kick It Up a Notch - Cook something while baked. (5) Kingpin - Smoke a fat blunt. (5) Lol Whut?! - Go to a drama/adventure/romance movie in theaters completely blazed. (5) Lucky! - Find some bud you didn't know you (still) had and smoke it. (5) MacGyver - Create a smoking device using only household materials. (5) Malcolm in the Middle - Be the middle man between your dealer and a friend. (5) Man of the Hour - Be the last person to come down. (5) Master Engineer - Make a bong out of things found only in your kitchen. (5) Medic - Smoke out a sick friend/family member. (5) March Hare - Make weed tea that actually gets you high. (5) Nature Child - Smoke while nude. (5) Need a Light? - Hold the flame over someone else's bowl for them. (5) Neuton's Law - Smoke from a Gravity bong. (5) Niagara Falls - Smoke from a Waterfall. (5) Norman Rockwell - Smoke before eating with the family. (5) Nostalgic - Re-discover a childhood joy while high. (5) One Asian, One Indian, One Adventure - Smoke with some friends and find your way to a White Castle. You’re pretty cool if you can match the races. (5) One Mans Trash... - Get your weed from your dealer in something unconventional, like a garbage bag or discarded food wrapper. (5) One Ring to Rule Them All - Blow a perfect smoke ring. (5) Passing the Knowledge - Smoke before class. (5) Prometheus - Supply a lighter to a friend in need. (5) Receding Hairline - Burn hair while taking a hit. (5) Peace Pipe - Settle a fight with a friend over a bowl. (5) Rugged Smoker - Smoke during a hiking trip/camping trip/etc. (5) SHAZAM! - Smoke in a lightning storm. (5) Sploofin' off - Create and use a sploof. (5) Squeezing Water from a Stone - Smoke a bowl of resin. (5) St. Nick - Smoke on top of your, or a friends rooftop. (5) Super Cool Story Bro - Tell a story while high and forget the ending. (5) Surf 'N' Turf – Smoke on a beach. (5) The Breath Taker - Marathon a 1g joint by yourself in less than five minutes. (5) Tin man - Use tin foil in a homemade piece. (5) Toy Story - Be high in a children's toy store.(5) White Flag - Inhale a hit from your mouth to your nose. (5) Woodstock - Smoke freely at an outdoor music festival. (10) Smart Shopper - Go into a grocery store baked and don't buy anything (10) Appetizer - Smoke while in line at a drive-thru. (10) Big Lebowski - Go bowling with friends when high. (10) Conquistador - Do something you normally would be too scared to do high. (10) Dissapearing Act- Smoke your whole bag while driving around. (10) Double-Jointed - Smoke a joint the size of two regular joints. (10) Family Guy - Smoke weed with someone from your immediate family. (10) Fat Sack - Buy an ounce. (10) Feels Good Man - Have sex while high. (10) Fuck Tech Support - Install an operating system into your computer while high, without fucking up once. (10) Hide in Plain Sight - Smoke in a public place. (10) Higher Learning - Go to college lectures baked. (10) Hitler's Favorite - Smoking all day on the 20th of April. (10) Hungry Man - Eat something with weed/hash in it then smoke weed stronger than the weed/hash in the food you ate. (10) I'm Impressed... - Smoke weed while walking through a city. (10) Intruder Alert - Smoke in someone's yard/house/shed that you do not know, without their permission.* (10) Iron Man - Smoke in a circle with blunts going around equal to at least half of the people. (10) Katamari - Roll a resin ball in grinder kief and smoke it. (10) Kottonmouth King - Smoke 5 bowls without anything to drink. (10) Lord of the Bongs - Own more than five different non-homemade pieces. Can be bongs, pipes, bubblers, etc. (10) Not so Green Now! - Buy weed from a dealer without ANY assistance from friends. (10) Pay it Forward - Smoke out two people at the same time. (10) Perseverance - Complete a tolerance break of a month or more. (10) Problem Officer? - Talk to an officer of the law while high.* (10) Pwnerer - Beat all your friends at a video game while baked. (10) Respect Your Elders - Smoke out someone older than you. (10) Sacred Ground - Smoke weed in Amsterdam. - HELL YEAH JUST LAST WEEK! (10) The Author - Write or post a worthy story while baked. (10) The Chosen Few - Form a close clique of pot smoking friends. (10) The Heartbreaker - Unintentionally break five glass pieces in your lifetime. (10) The Italian Job - Eat an entire large pizza by yourself while high. (10) The Viking - Smoke up on any manpowered watercraft. (10) Travelin' Man - Smoke in at least three different states. (10) Turning the Donkey Wheel - While driving around baked, teleport your car (get to where you're driving while you think you're not heading in the right direction). (10) Where is My Mind - Go on a roller coaster high. (15) Day Walker - Smoke outside in public during the day. (15) Dedicated Few - Smoke with a group of few friends for 4 months straight every day. (15) Fire at the Multiplex - Smoke in a theater. (15) Mona Lisa Overdrive - Get blazed on the highway while driving.* (20) Charm +1 - Get busted smoking weed by the cops, and talk your way out of it. (20) Parental Control - Get high and chill within 15 feet of 1 or more parents while high. (10) Skywalker - Look for shapes in the clouds with a friend while high (5) Arctic Fires - Smoking Northern Lights. (5) Bubbleyum - Smoke some Bubblegum strain. (10) The Variety Show - Smoke at least 3 different strains of weed in one sitting. (15) Variety Hour - Smoke 6 different strains of bud within 1 hour.
Total - 875
Smoking for 4 years come May.
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TayRay420's achievements

(5) "Tell Me About The Fucking Golf Shoes" - Go into a casino completely baked.
(5) “How Much for the Ape” - Buy something you don’t need because you’re stoned.
(5) +10 Difficulty - Play an RPG while high.
(5) Ahhhnold! - Go to the gym high.
(5) Apple of Eden - Smoke out of an apple.
(5) BRB, Mars - Smoke a full bowl of kief.
(5) BRB, Moon - Use a vaporizer. I have a DaBuddha
(5) Carl Sagan - Stargaze while stoned out of your gourd.
(5) Cheap but effective - Smoke out of a pop can bowl. I don't do this anymore, aluminum is yucky
(5) Chong Would be Proud - Smoke from a bong.
(5) Christopher Columbus – Smoke at a campfire.
(5) Determined - Complete a tolerance break of at least two weeks.
(5) Down, boy! - Get a pet cat, dog, or other mammal high using second-hand smoke.
(5) Employee of the Month - Smoking up while at work. Used to work at McDonalds, smoked with managers
(5) EZ Baked - Make weed cookies/brownies.
(5) Fiendin' - Scrape all your pieces for resin.
(5) Finish the Plate - Pack a bowl with all the available weed you have.
(5) Flying Ninja - Smoke outside on a roof or awning at night.
(5) Friends with Benefits - Smoke with at least 6 people you know at the same time.
(5) Frosty - Using freshly fallen snow in a bong.
(5) Ghostbuster - Hold a hit for so long, you blow out no smoke.
(5) Glass Tax - Smoke from a glass pipe.
(5) Goldfish Award - Fish-bowl/clam-bake/hot-box your car till you can't see SHIT.
(5) Good to the Last Drop - Volunteer to take the last hit when offered.
(5) Grasslete - Compete in a sport, stoned. Hockey is so fun stoned
(5) Ground Control - Help out a friend who gets too blitzed.
(5) Han Solo - Enjoy a relaxed night smoking by yourself.
(5) Haters Gonna Hate - Smoke weed around people who think you're getting bad brain cells.
(5) Have Weed, Will Travel - Travel to another town exclusively for weed.
(5) Henry David Thoreau - Smoke away from civilization in nature.
(5) Here Comes the Sun - Smoke outside when it's over 90 degrees.
(5) Humble Pie - Corner the bowl when offered greens.
(5) Ice Age - Roll a joint/pack a bowl and smoke it outside while it's snowing.
(5) In Soviet Russia - Burn or singe yourself while trying to light a bowl.
(5) Incog-weed-o - Convert one common household item into a piece of smoking apparatus.
(5) John Wayne - Smoke at a scenic spot and watch the sunset.
(5) Kick It Up a Notch - Cook something while baked.
(5) Kingpin - Smoke a fat blunt.
(5) Linguist - Learn a new language high. I'm including C
(5) Lol Whut?! - Go to a drama/adventure/romance movie in theaters completely blazed.
(5) Lucky! - Find some bud you didn't know you (still) had and smoke it. Isn't that the best?
(5) MacGyver - Create a smoking device using only household materials.
(5) Malcolm in the Middle - Be the middle man between your dealer and a friend.
(5) Master Engineer - Make a bong out of things found only in your kitchen. Juice container Bong
(5) Michael Phelps - Swim in a pool while high.
(5) Mike Mulligan - Dig up some greens in what was thought to be a finished bowl.
(5) Nature Child - Smoke while nude.
(5) Need a Light? - Hold the flame over someone else's bowl for them.
(5) Neuton's Law - Smoke from a Gravity bong.
(5) Niagara Falls - Smoke from a Waterfall. Sobe bottle is my preference
(5) Norman Rockwell - Smoke before eating with the family.
(5) One Mans Trash... - Get your weed from your dealer in something unconventional, like a garbage bag or discarded food wrapper. Aluminum foil?
(5) Passing the Knowledge - Smoke before class. Took a provincial exam high
(5) Prometheus - Supply a lighter to a friend in need.
(5) Roach Exterminator - Smoke a full bowl with the weed from roaches.
(5) Rugged Smoker - Smoke during a hiking trip/camping trip/etc.
(5) Smart Shopping - Go impulse shopping while baked.
(5) Sploofin' off - Create and use a sploof.
(5) Squeezing Water from a Stone - Smoke a bowl of resin.
(5) Straight to the floor - Fall asleep right after taking a hit.
(5) Super Cool Story Bro - Tell a story while high and forget the ending.
(5) Surf 'N' Turf – Smoke on a beach.
(5) Survivorman - Hot-box a tent.
(5) The Sloth - Wake up, wake and bake, and any time you sense that you are coming down, smoke more, and sit around and watch TV and eat things. It is not permitted to go outside unless it is only on your porch or into your backyard.
(5) The Thing - Smoke in a walk-in freezer. Again at McDonalds
(5) Tin man - Use tin foil in a homemade piece. *Gross
(5) Toy Story - Be high in a children's toy store.
(10) All Along The Watchtower - Smoke from a 5+ foot bong.
(10) American Beauty - Smoke with a friend's parent.
(10) Appetizer - Smoke while in line at a drive-thru. McDonalds...
(10) Battle of Wills - Smoke somebody out until they can't keep smoking.
(10) Big Lebowski - Go bowling with friends when high.
(10) Blockade Runner - Make it through a security checkpoint/police search with your weed intact.
(10) Budder me up - Take a budder hit.
(10) Cashed - Work an entire shift of your job high.
(10) Double-Jointed - Smoke a joint the size of two regular joints.
(10) Family Guy - Smoke weed with someone from your immediate family. Mom, Dad, Sister
(10) Fat Sack - Buy an ounce.
(10) Fuck Tech Support - Install an operating system into your computer while high, without fucking up once.
(10) Getting Motivated - Smoke at your school, in between classes.
(10) Good Samaritan - Find weed in public area.
(10) Hide in Plain Sight - Smoke in a public place.
(10) HIGH, FAMILY! - Go to a family reunion blazed.
(10) Higher Learning - Go to college lectures baked.
(10) Hitler's Favorite - Smoking all day on the 20th of April.
(10) I'm Impressed... - Smoke weed while walking through a city.
(10) Krakatoa - Smoke a volcano modified with a custom 5 foot bag.
(10) Like Father Like Son - Smoke out a parent, if not possible smoke out a friends parent. Mom, Dad
(10) Medieval Times - Buy some weed with coins only. This some ghetto high school shit
(10) Not so Green Now! - Buy weed from a dealer without ANY assistance from friends.
(10) Problem Officer? - Talk to an officer of the law while high.
(10) Pwnerer - Beat all your friends at a video game while baked.
(10) Raise and Blaze Weekdays - Wake and bake every day for a week.
(10) Respect Your Elders - Smoke out someone older than you.
(10) The Chosen Few - Form a close clique of pot smoking friends.
(10) The Italian Job - Eat an entire large pizza by yourself while high.
(10) This is Happy - Smoke till you can't feel feelings anymore.
(10) Uncle Jack - Smoke a bong using Jack Daniels as the bongwater. Also turned a 40 of JD into a hookah bong
(10) Vesuvius - Use a volcano vaporizer. Vapourlounge FTW!
(10) What are Those Goddamn Animals! - Go to the zoo stoned.
(10) Where is My Mind - Go on a roller coaster high.
(10) Zombie - Become so baked that your motor skills are completely dismissed.
(10) Ratchet Time- Smoke with a nurse. My cousin
(10) Jack Bauer - Watch an entire season of "24" in one sitting, smoking in between each episode.
(15) Day Walker - Smoke outside in public during the day.
(15) Mona Lisa Overdrive - Get blazed on the highway while driving.
(15) The Body of Christ - Successfully roll and smoke a cross joint.
(15) Flower Power - Successfully roll and smoke a Tulip joint.
(20) Bloodshot - Get an ID photo taken while high. My passport & drivers license.
(20) Charm +1 - Get busted smoking weed by the cops, and talk your way out of it. RCMP only smoke dank shit
(20) Gentlemen - Smoke two or more joints simultaneously.
(20) Parental Control - Get high and chill within 15 feet of 1 or more parents while high.
(50) Bonding Time - Do parental control for at least 30 minutes continuously.
(10) Say Uncle - Smoke out your uncle.
(5) Arctic Fires - Smoking Northern Lights.
(10) The Variety Show - Smoke at least 3 different strains of weed in one sitting.
Been smoking for the better part of 4 years
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Baked Clams - YouTube How to Make Clams Casino  Fulton Fish Market Best Clams Casino Appetizer Recipe - YouTube Clams Casino Recipe • A Delicious New England Appetizer ... Clams casino vs baked clams - YouTube Stuffed Clams: The Perfect Recipe  Potluck Video - YouTube Super Bowl Party Recipe: Clams Casino Appetizers - YouTube

Baked Clams Oreganata. Vongole Gratinate. Back. Sides & Vegetable; Salads; Appetizers; Main Dishes; Desserts; Pastas, Polenta & Risottos; Seafood; Soups; Sandwiches & Pizzas; Meats; Sauces; Serves 4 to 6 . Print Share. Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Notes. Try to find the Sicilian oregano, dried right on the branch, for this recipe; it makes a difference. Try to get clams on the larger ... Make-ahead clams casino: The clams can be thawed and topped ahead of time, refrigerated, and broiled when guests arrive. Using smaller clams: You can use cherry stone or little neck clams instead of top necks, just use twice as many, skip cutting the clam in half, and discard half the shells. For the clams: Add the clams to a large pot or large saute pan with a lid. Add 1/2 cup water and cover the pan. Bring to a simmer over medium-high heat and steam until the clams open, 6 to 10 minutes. BAKED CLAMS CASINO : 2 doz. clams 6 strips bacon 1/2 c. minced onion 1/4 c. minced green pepper 1 tsp. lemon juice 1/2 c. tomato sauce 3 tbsp. clam liquid 1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce 2 or 3 drops Tabasco Bread crumbs Chopped parsley. Steam clams until opened. Reserve 3 tablespoons clam liquid. Remove top shells. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place clams in shallow baking dish. Cook bacon until ... Shuck clams, reserving bottom shells; drain liquid (save for another use). Arrange clams in salt-lined pan. Combine the bread crumbs, 2 tablespoons parsley, oil, garlic, cayenne and pepper; spoon over clams. Bake 15-18 minutes or until clams are firm and bread crumb mixture is crisp and golden brown. Sprinkle with remaining parsley. Serve ... Deselect All. Rock salt or pickling salt. 24 cherry stone clams (buy them scrubbed, split them and loosen clam) 1 stick butter, softened. 1 shallot, finely chopped Clams casino should be a great dish—what could be bad about clams, bacon, butter, and bread crumbs? But all too often, it's executed all wrong. Not this time. Meet the make-ahead, no-shuck, easy-as-pie clams casino recipe that just happens to taste better than most others out there. Why It Works . Toasting panko bread crumbs in rendered bacon fat makes a crispy topping that's also a vehicle ... Clams Casino. Prep Time: 20 minutes ; Total Time: 30 minutes ; Yield: 4 appetizer servings; Ingredients. 1/2 cup fine dry bread crumbs ; 2 tablespoons olive oil; 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted, plus 1 tablespoon, cold ; 2 tablespoons finely grated Parmesan cheese; 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon finely chopped parsley; 1/8 teaspoon freshly ground pepper; 1/2 cup dry white wine; 3 teaspoons ... I modified this recipe so it was clams casino instead of stuffed clams. The only thing I did different was not take the clams out to chop them up. I put the mixture directly on top of the clams in the shell and baked it. I also used littleneck clams (it was all the store had). They came out very good. The only thing I will change the next time ... Our favorite party starter, the very BEST Baked Clams Casino are packed with zesty, butter flavor and are so simple to make. Chopped clams are tossed with a buttery stuffing and topped with a sliver of bacon before being baked to perfection. When summer rolls around, I like to fill my days with as much sand, surf and seafood as I can. I know it’s very possible to enjoy seafood all year long ...

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Baked Clams - YouTube

Sit in with Angie today and she'll show you how to make delicious baked clams. Clams Casino is a classic appetizer for those special holiday parties, or any other time you want to impress your guests. Visit to get ... SUBSCRIBE: go to the aptly named The Clam to learn how to make their cherrystone stuffs.FACEBOOK: ... Bonjour my friends! In this episode I'll show you how to make my Clams Casino recipe. Visit for ingredient amounts... Easy to prepare for holiday cocktail parties & dinners! Clams Casino INGREDIENTS - 1 stick Butter - ½ teaspoon Dried Thyme - 1/4 cup Fresh Parsley, chopped - 1 small Onion, finely chopped - ½ ... The Bald Chef shows you how to make the classic, and best Clams Casino appetizer recipe. For more Instructions on the recipe for Clams Casino see the compl... Chef Amanda giving a brief clam description